Get The Most Out Of Your Big Day

Piano Recital Preparation – Three Bullet Points for a Better Performance   This article is geared towards students who are preparing for a performance. However, instead of focusing on advance preparation, this article details some ways to have a great mindset in the moments before the performance actually occurs.   In preparing my students for

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Piano Recital Preparation

How to Look Like a Piano Performance Pro – At ANY Level!

This article details etiquette for piano performance in a public setting for students of any level, as basics of performance remain the same whether the student is playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” or a Chopin Nocturne.  It is especially beneficial for students to go over these parameters right before a performance event with their instructor.

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Play Violin, Even If Your Accompaniment Stops – Surprise Ending

Private Violin Lessons teach students to Play Violin at recitals. Violin Teachers need to teach performers to keep going even if things go wrong. Playing Violin At A Recent Recital At a recent recital in Miami, FL, Brooke, a young student started her violin music, “The Two the Grenadiers by Robert Schumann”. She began to

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3 Ways To Prepare Students For A Recital Part 3: Practice, Duh!

The #1 most important part to recital preparation is obviously PRACTICE! We have to teach our students how to practice and hope they follow through when we aren’t around every other hour of the week. Usually having a performance in the near future is enough to inspire even the least motivated student to practice and

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How to Prepare for a Violin Recital

3 Ways to Prepare Students for a Recital Part 1: Set Them Up For Success

A successful and enjoyable recital experience is the goal! For me, prep starts about 6-8 weeks before the big day with piece selection. During “recital piece picking week” I obsessively analyze 2 or 3 songs for each music student. They can’t be too easy or too challenging. Most importantly, they should be fun to play

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