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How Do The Best Piano Players Practice?

If your little one has chosen the piano as their instrument, you likely have asked their piano instructor what you can do to help them practice. You may also do some research on your own and look into how the best piano players have honed their skills. Adapting top-notch players’ practice methods for your child

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Top 5 Colleges Represented on Broadway

If you have older children who are in high school, you may already be talking to them about college. You shouldn’t wait until they’re seniors to begin this conversation—by then, it can actually be too late to get the GPA and extracurricular requirements the most exclusive programs require. For singers specifically, you definitely need to

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5 Guitar Songs Every Kid Should Learn

Learning guitar can be a lot of fun, especially for kids who are in love with the instrument. While it’s important to learn the different notes and chords, the real fun of playing guitar comes from being able to play a song. That’s why guitar teachers keep a list of simple songs that kids can

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