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The Interesting History of the Violin

The violin is one of the most fascinating instruments. It has a very long history dating back centuries, and it hasn’t really changed that much since its invention. Music teachers around the world have taught violin to students, and it’s one of the most popular instruments to play. Let’s take a look at this instrument

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Top 6 College Guitar Programs in the U.S.

If you’re preparing to graduate from college, or if you’re the parent of a high school student, you may already be thinking about ways to pay for college. For those who are going to study music, it’s important to find a school that offers a top-notch, reputable program. A great guitar program should mix private

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5 Top FAQs Voice Teachers Hear – Answered!

If you’re looking to hire a vocal coach for your child, it’s likely that you’ll ask them some questions before hiring. These questions vary from the serious and reasonable to the funny and unrealistic. Music teachers have heard them all. Here are a few of the top frequently asked questions vocal teachers hear and the

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