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Why Taking Violin Lessons Makes You More Successful

Listening to music is often viewed as a relaxing activity, but learning how to play an instrument has even more benefits besides relieving stress. Learning to play the violin, one of the most common instruments for beginning music students, has added benefits that, regardless of the student’s level, will help them succeed in other areas,

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Anatomy of a Piano

At first glance, a piano simply looks like a bunch of black and white keys attached to a box in that instantly recognizable harp shape. You may be surprised to hear that a grand piano contains about 12,000 parts in total! That may sound overwhelming at first, however, most of those parts work together and

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How to Encourage Children to Compose Music

Even if you are not a piano instructor yourself, you can learn to foster your child’s creative process of composing by being attuned to the way they deviate from traditional technical practice. In fact, you may not be musically inclined at all, but understanding that when your child seems simply to be “playing around” on

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