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Lessons In Your Home has been a leader in providing private music instruction since 1997. Music In Your School was founded to answer the need for music education in the school, and the program has been running strong ever since. School programs give us a central location to teach all styles and levels of music education. Offering music classes and or private instruction after school can become another distinguishing characteristic of an already great school.

The Many Benefits of Music In Your School

  • Your budget doesn’t allow for a full-time staffed music instructor. We can provide an educated, energetic Music Teacher.
  • Your after-school program needs more. Add another opportunity for students by offering private music instruction.
  • Your school doesn’t currently offer music program. Let Music In Your School be your program.
  • Every time your school loses a music teacher, your music program changes. We can provide dedicated instructor committed to your facility.
  • Your music teacher needs assistance. We’ll provide the help needed to make your music program a success.
  • You would like the ability to offer music programs or lessons during the school day Our teacher’s expertise becomes your students success.
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Classes and Programs

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During your school day, let the Music In Your School faculty become an amazing asset to your team. We offer an unlimited range of classes to suit your many needs. Whether it be general music or starting that orchestra that parents have wanted for years, let us help. Here is a sample of classes we can provide:

  • General music class (all grades)
  • Band, orchestra and chorus
  • Group keyboard, violin, guitar or voice
  • Digital/audio recording techniques
  • Private music instruction

In addition to classes being offered during your regular school day, Music In Your School can also apply any class to after-school environment.

After School, AfterCare and Extended Day Programs

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In after school programs music teachers are available to teach the same great lessons we do in home. Make your after-school program the best with music education programs that benefit your students and enhance your existing program.

  • Private Lessons – students learn an instrument through traditional, private study
  • Group Lessons – keyboard, violin, guitar or voice
  • Music Workshops – teach, reinforce or develop music skills or concepts
  • Percussion ensemble – start a hand drum circle in your afterschool program

Most of these programs are at no cost to the school!

Preschool Music

About Little Music Makers

Our Little Music Makers program is designed for pre-school aged children. The classes can be incorporated into your normal school day or in an after-school setting. All children are musical and can sing in tune, keep a beat and develop listening skills. We believe that creating music is the most powerful way to learn. Music education is good for the mind.

Download our Little Music Makers Brochure
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Our Philosophy

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All children are musical and even young children can sing in tune, keep a beat and develop listening skills. We believe that creating music is the most powerful way to learn. Complex music concepts are best learned in a fun, interactive environment through sing-alongs, dancing, rhythm play,listening and games.

Music education is good for the mind. Experts agree that music can strengthen children’s minds and serve as a fundamental skill of learning. Music helps to develop memory skills, stimulates brain connections and can actually make children smarter. In addition, new research suggests that primary music development occurs before age six.

The Little Music Makers program, designed specifically for pre-school aged children, offers quality music classes that allow children to learn the fundamental concepts of music in an educational, interactive and entertaining environment.


Weekly classes give children a solid foundation and help develop a life-long love of music. Activities such as songs, finger play, nursery rhymes, movement, rhythm games and instrument play are designed to develop competency in tonality and rhythm.

A trained music teacher who creates unique lesson plans customized to each class provides the concepts and skills covered in each week’s lesson. The ageappropriate programs are carefully geared toward the abilities and learning styles for that particular age.

boy and girl standing in front of piano



  • Both independently and in a group
  • Ear training and sight-singing
  • Songs from diverse cultures


  • Classical and folk, well-known melodies and composers
  • Rhythm pattern identification
  • Interval and chord recognition
  • Instrument recognition
  • Introduction to periods and styles
  • Identify higher/lower, louder/softer, faster/slower and same/different


  • Learn games and activities to identify intervals, pitch and rhythm
  • Feel the connection between music and body through movement
  • Experiment with various instruments