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Lessons in Your Home video Transcribed

You know it’s time to get the children started with in-home private music lessons. Maybe the lessons are for you, how about the whole family? You’re smart enough to know that music lessons are important but what about finding a teacher? Do you call a music store? Will their teacher be right for you? Then there’s the getting there; the traffic, hauling the kids back and forth, what about dinner? Yeah – Right! Like that’s going to happen. You don’t need lessons with just any ol’ teacher, especially a task master, intimidating, practice demanding monster that bores students. What you’re looking for is an engaged, fun, well-educated, motivational, big smiling and super excited personality that loves teaching Music. A teacher who makes lessons fun. You already know what you need. You need Lessons in Your Home-the music teachers who come to your home or school to teach fun, private music lessons. Their teachers constantly think of great ways to motivate every student. They turn students into dazzling musicians ready to break out a song and share their talents with the world. Now you’re saying “Hey, this could work” Lessons in your Home teaches piano, guitar, voice, violin, in fact they teach every music instrument you could think of. Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3. 

  1. Give Lessons in your home a call or email
  2. They’ll ask important questions about each student ensuring a teacher that’s best for you 
  3. Schedule and start your lessons. What are you waiting for? Start Lessons now with Lessons in Your Home!

Get Private Voice Lessons Across the Nation With Our Vocal Instructors

Renee Morton

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Renee Morton has a degree in music from Northwest University. She is well versed in composition and has composed pieces for everything from piano, video games, to a full orchestra. She has been involved in a plethora of musical settings such as Jazz ensembles, Gospel choirs, all varieties of Sunday church gat…

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Nicolle Horbath

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

Nicolle Horbath is a Colombian singer and songwriter who combines jazz, pop and popular music from the Caribbean and Latin America. Nicolle has a passion for teaching and transmitting her love for music to her students. Nicolle’s approach to teaching music offers her students have the chance to learn alongsi…

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Spenser Verheul

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Orlando

Spenser Verheul, Tenor, is a graduate of Florida Southern College. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. His main instrument is voice, but from a young age he has had a passion for playing piano. He started playing piano in Elementary school, and found that music was something he really en…

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Tom Peters

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle

Tom Peters is a pianist, vocalist, and composer from Newark, Delaware. Tom’s grandparents introduced him to opera and classical music at a very young age. Their adoration for music inspired Tom to study piano. After years of piano lessons, he started performing in multiple choruses as an accompanist and voc…

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Erin Wagoner

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Voice

City: Orlando

Erin Wagoner is a graduate of Rollins College with a B.A. in Vocal Performance. Though voice is her primary instrument, she has been playing piano, guitar, and ukulele for years as well. She is a singer-songwriter that has been performing for the past 10 years.

Erin is familiar with a wide range of musical…

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Laura Broscow

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Houston

Praised for her “bubbly” personality (Broadway World) and her “enchanting” stage presence (Opera Today), soprano Laura Broscow has enjoyed a fulfilling career in music both on and off the stage. Currently, Laura serves as director of Lessons in Your Home Houston, where she facilitates music lessons and teache…

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Andrew Klein

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Voice

City: Atlanta

Andrew Klein is a guitarist, singer-songwriter from Atlanta, GA. His passion for music began at an early age when he taught himself to play the guitar. At fifteen Andrew began forming rock, folk, country and experimental bands with friends and strived to sound unique and different in his songwriting and perfo…

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Ava Wing

Instrument(s): Piano, Singing, Voice

Hailing from upstate New York, soprano Ava Wing began her music-driven life at the age of 5 when she began studying the piano. She received her Bachelor of Music at Purchase College Conservatory of Music with a major in Vocal Performance. She made her operatic debut as Gretel from Humperdinck’s Ha?nsel und …

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Corey Lovelace

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

Corey Raquel Lovelace hails from Chicago but has happily made Alexandria her new home. She teaches voice to all levels and abilities as well as beginner piano, and believes music has the unique ability to empower, strengthen and enrich students’ lives well into adulthood.

Mrs. Lovelace can’t remember …

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Nathan Humphries

Instrument(s): Brass, Piano, Trumpet, Voice

City: Orlando

Nathan Humphries is originally from Decatur, AL. He started playing piano and singing when he was 7 years old, and euphonium at age 15. He received his bachelor’s degree in music education from Auburn University. At Auburn, he studied low brass with Dr. Matthew Wood, and conducting with Dr. Richard Good. I…

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What Families Say About Us

Voice Lessons For Kids

Who doesn’t love singing? It’s the most accessible and interesting expression of music, since every person’s voice is unique. While not everyone is born to sing like Whitney Houston or Frank Sinata, most people have the ability to sing and can improve their voice with consistent practice and instruction. Unless you’re tone deaf, which less than 5% of the population is, then your child is a candidate for voice lessons!

Voice lessons can help them learn vocal cord control, pitch, timbre, and a number of skills that will get them to sing in more places than just the shower. There’s a number of outlets for singing including choir, school musicals, church, and the everyday car commute. At Lessons In Your Home, we believe all people have unleashed musical potential inside themselves: you just need someone to help pull it out of you!

Voice Lesson FAQs

See below for our most frequently asked questions about voice lessons, or contact our team today. We’d be happy to help your family along in its musical journey.

Can anyone learn how to sing?

Absolutely! In fact, most people can already sing; they just may not sing well yet! Similar to learning speech, we can also learn how to sing. With dedication accompanied by the right training, anyone can develop a pleasant sounding voice. Enrolling in voice lessons helps you improve tone, pitch, volume, and more.

At what age should you start voice lessons?

Children should grow up singing naturally, so we always encourage parents to sing with their children and not worry about what’s right or wrong. At young ages singing out loud is teaching self-expression and emotional intelligence. That said, we recommend starting voice lessons around 5 or 6, and we often encourage voice students to start with piano. These lessons take place with our staff who teach voice & piano. This resource goes into further depth on voice lessons for really young singers.

How long do I need to take voice lessons before I see improvement?

Each student’s progress is different. It will depend on their previous experiences in singing and how much they practice. Generally, significant changes can be seen as early as the first month with voice lessons.

How long should I practice singing?

At Lessons in Your Home, we believe consistency is more important than spending a ton of tiem once a week practicing. Practicing singing for as little as 10 minutes a day may be enough for some students. Advanced students will want to practice for longer as they work on their vocal stamina. Just be careful not to strain your voice!

What happens during a voice lesson?

Before starting anything, a voice teacher will evaluate your voice and develop your lesson progression from there. A lesson usually includes the following: 

  • Finding the right register balance (chest, middle, and head tones)
  • Breathing exercises to support singing
  • Building vocal range through singing in scales
  • Practicing proper posture for better breathing and sound quality
  • Working on diction
  • Learning songs to practice vocal techniques

What do you need to prepare for voice lessons?

For your voice lessons, the most important thing you’ll need is a piano or keyboard. That’s right; you read that correctly. A piano will help with scales and learning pitch, and it’s paramount to voice lesson success. Other things to bring include:

  • Binder
  • Pen and paper
  • Water
  • A warmed up voice (your teacher will help you with exercises)

Here are a few basic things to bring to any lesson. Don’t worry, your teacher will advise on what you’ll need as you progress in your lessons! You may also bring music that you are interested in or are working on to show your voice teacher.

Will voice lessons ruin my natural singing style?

Of course not! Learning singing techniques from voice lessons will only enhance your singing voice and support your overall style. Staying true to yourself while adding in discipline and knowledge can further help you to become more expressive and have greater control over your voice.