Teacher Profile: Catherine Sall

Catherine Sall

Catherine Sall

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Composition, Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Denver

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    About Catherine Sall

    Catherine Sall is a local musician and songwriter in the Denver area. Although she was born and raised in Miami, FL, she has been in Denver ever since 2017 when she enrolled in CU Denver's Music Program. She then graduated in May of 2021. She has been teaching guitar, piano, and voice for the past 5 years. Her greatest passion in life is music and is so excited to share this gift!

    Catherine likes to think of music as more than simply playing a song. When you teach someone an instrument or how to read music, you are teaching them communication skills, problem solving, creativity, persistence, confidence, and so much more! When Catherine is not writing, recording, performing, or teaching, she enjoys hiking, photography, and painting.

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