Lessons In Your Home

The Service

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Throughout the years, we have come to believe that our lessons are most appreciated in your home. We teach all styles and levels of music education. Whether you are five or seventy-five, music lessons will always enhance your life. Our young students enjoy recitals, performing, and sharing music. Some students decide to study music as a profession.

About The Lessons

Sessions are 30-60 minutes in length. We come to your home at a scheduled time. Determining your lesson time is easy because your availability is our priority. We also offer private online lessons.

A Message from Our Founder

Jay Maurice

Hello, I am Jay Maurice and I would like to share the Lessons In Your Home experience. Something special happens after a student begins to learn an instrument, there suddenly is a new dynamic in the house, “it’s music.” After a short time the teacher feels more like family than a teacher. In turn you the student become part of our family.
The young student learns within seeing and listening distance of his or her parents. So many parents tell us how special it is to share in their child’s learning environment, and as opposed to the lessons taking place in some room at a music store, your home becomes a conservatory. Family and neighbors all become supporters of your student’s musical growth.
Adults have the ultimate luxury, no travel, no time wasted, and the best lessons. Adults who have children in the house share something extra. A child learns so much from watching a parent learn. You’ll give that to your loved ones.

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