Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Lessons In Your Home provide a trial lesson before sign-up?

We do have a trial lesson policy. Basically, we complete all the steps for sign-up and have a teacher come out to your home. This includes sending out a welcome packet and an invoice from our billing office for the full first month's tuition and registration fee. If after the first session, you are not satisfied with our services and would like to stop, you are only held accountable for the cost of the initial lesson.

Do you teach adults or just children?

We love teaching adults. The best part is you'll be surprised at how fast you learn. Learning an instrument as an adult is easier then you think and very fun.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our staff is the number one reason LIYH is special. We can't say enough about them. They are all degreed or professionally established in our community and most importantly love to teach music.

Do I have to have a piano in my home for my daughter/son to take piano lessons?

No, some students begin piano on smaller keyboards that are accessible at most stores. After a few months or years, it is quite normal for a family to invest in a digital piano or acoustic piano in the home for their accomplished musicians.

How often is my child expected to practice?

The benefit of private lessons is that your child will get direction about practice from there teacher based on what happens in their lesson. We believe however that the best practice is done consistently.

Can I choose my teacher? How will a teacher be selected?

You can request a certain teacher and we will do our best to follow that request if the teacher's location and availability match yours. The most important job we do is bringing you the right teacher. It's a process we take great pride in. Here is the process in short: First, we find out as much as we can about our future students — including age, goals, and experience. We consider this information — as well as your location and the days and times you are available — in determining which teacher or teachers on our staff would be the best match. Our lessons are weekly sessions, each of which lasts 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the student's situation.

Can my wife and daughter take lessons at the same time?

Sounds like a great idea! However, our experience has been that both students will naturally progress at different rates. Learning how to play a musical experience is a joyful experience and gentle encouragement is always an added plus. Parents that take separately from their son/daughter are still able to encourage during lessons and gain the knowledge to help during private practice time from what they have learned. An added bonus is spending more time together and being able to schedule a once or week private practice time where you can share what you have learned with each other and maybe play duets!

What happens if we are not happy with our teacher?

If you are not satisfied with your teacher, we will do our best to coordinate lessons with another teacher on our staff. We want to ensure your satisfaction with the lessons we provide, and we understand that the connection between a student and their teacher is a very important aspect to having enjoyable, engaging music lessons.

Is there a contract?

No, our goal is to give our students the best music lessons. If we do that, we believe you'll stay with us as long as you need us. If you are ever ready to stop, just let us know.

I would like for my daughter/son to get a great foundation. Can we start with intensive lessons, 3 times each week, and progress from there?

Beginning to learn a musical instrument is a once in a lifetime experience for many of our families. We have found that too much too soon can be discouraging for both the student and parents. It is essential that students are introduced to new material during the lesson and use the days in between lessons to practice and improve on those skills before being introduced to others. Personal practice time is the most important part of any lesson!

My child has a learning disability. Do you have teachers with experience with children with special needs?

Yes, many of our teachers can provide adapted lessons to accommodate those who learn differently than others.

I would like to take piano and voice lessons. Can I take them together in one combined lesson?

We do have some teachers who teach more than one instrument or subject. If their schedule and location matches with your availability, we're on. If not we can always have two or more teachers that can meet any of your instrument selection needs.

How soon will it be until my child starts playing something I recognize?

Sometime your child will be playing a recognizable song by the end of the first lesson. That being said private lessons are all about the meeting specific needs of a student and following the right path for them is our primary goal.

Will my child be required to play in a recital?

Required, no. Encouraged, yes. Sharing your skills in music is a vital part of why we learn. Music makes people happy and sharing that gift feels good. Our recitals are in family friendly settings where just doing your best is the greatest achievement one of our students can do.

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What happens if our schedule changes sometime during the year? Our lesson time works now, but probably won’t work in the next few months.

If your scheduled time works now, you can start lessons with us and discuss with your teacher a new time for lessons when your availability changes, as they are in charge of their weekly schedules and can make lesson time changes with their students at their discretion. Please let your teacher know about the change in advance, and if there is an issue with scheduling between you and the teacher, please contact the office, and we will assist with a solution.

I need to change the day and time of my lesson who should i contact?

Usually the best person to ask first is your teacher. They have been giving authority to alter their current schedule. But you can always ask anyone on our main line about your schedule.

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Policies (general)

What if the weather is really bad on my lesson day? What do you do about scheduling or crediting me for that?

Sometimes the weather is out of our control. If we have to cancel your lesson do to the weather and you do not reschedule a lesson with your teacher you will receive a credit on your next lesson account statement.

What if we need to stop lessons before the month is over?

Our lessons are billed monthly and so if you are going to need to stop lessons please let us know ASAP. Of course these are private music lessons and if a unique situation comes up let us know and we can address that with you directly.

How does Lessons In Your Home handle “Making up” lessons we have to cancel? What happens if we Cancel a lesson? What if my child is sick?

The first thing to do if you have to cancel a lesson is let your teacher know. Although we don't guarantee a make up lesson your teacher will do his/her best to do so. We do our best because we know that lessons are important to you and they are to us as well. We cannot credit a cancelled lesson. While most students understand the policy, sometimes students are looking for more information on why we have the policies we do. The following independent article hopes to make sense of this issue in the private music lesson world. Make-up Lessons From An Economist's Point of View Article Copyright 2001 Vicky Barham

Does Lessons In Your Home Charge “by the lesson”?

Our tuition at Lessons In Your Home is based on a 48-week year and not based on a number of lessons in any month. Tuition takes into account Thanksgiving (Tuesday-Sunday), winter (two weeks), and Spring break (one week). These are four specific weeks in which lessons are not offered and are factored into normal tuition prices. Summer lessons are pro-rated to the number of lessons you are available for.

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Music In Your School

Can you teach lessons to my child in his/her school?

Yes, we need permission from your schools administration but we do this all the time. The lessons usually take place after school and the great part is that we can open up a program to teach other students there as well.

How can I get lessons started at my child school?

Call us, we’ll tell you how to get started. The usual process is for us to get permission to do so, and then we’re off to the races.

What kind of Music do you do in the school?

A lot, on a basic level we teach private music lessons. However, we start school orchestras, group keyboard classes, teach elementary music classes, run choruses, support existing music teachers, and more. Please visit the Music In Your School section of this website?

Do we have lessons if our school is closed on our lesson day?

No, we only teach in your school when it is open. We are aware of the day your school is closed though but if you want to confirm please call your teacher.

Can you start a chorus at our school?

Yes! We love running choruses and other types of groups at schools. Give us a call to fin out how we can get singing.

Can we bring Music In Your School into our Home School or group of Home school children?

Yes, and we love working with home-schoolers. We have started home school ensembles of all shapes and sizes, offer general music education classes, and more!

Do you teach group classes?

In school programs we do. A group class can be a group usually of 6 or more students. Typical topics are; group guitar, piano, or violin. We also love music theory, electronic music and recording arts, music history and more!

Do you teach music in preschools?

Yes and it’s a blast. Our preschool music program is called Little Music Makers. It’s a fun curriculum that’s fun and encourages growth in music through expression.

Do your programs have to start at the beginning of a school year?

No, we can start Music In Your School at any time of the year.

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Can we pay for lessons via automatic billing?

Definitely. Upon sign-up, we send a credit card authorization form with the welcome packet that you can fill out to have the monthly tuition automatically charged to your credit card.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Lessons are billed monthly in advance. An invoice for your lessons is mailed and should reach you about the 24th of every month. This invoice is for the upcoming month and is due by the 10th to avoid a $10 late fee. You can pay by check, credit card, or money order. Information on how to pay is provided in your welcome packet and also on every monthly statement. For further questions please call your home office.

I’m not going to be here for Spring Break do i have to pay for my lesson?

There are 4 specific weeks that are built in to the price of our monthly tuition. They are the weeks of Thanksgiving, Winter Break (2), and Spring Break. Please see our Holiday Policies FAQ's for more info. During the summer months your lessons will be prorated to the number of weeks you schedule lessons.

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Summer Procedures

What happens if our family is out of town for summer vacations?

We understand that summers are a busy time of year due to vacations, camps, etc. Therefore, in the summer, we offer pro-rated billing for lessons, which means you only pay for the lessons you schedule in the designated summer months (varies by Lessons In Your Home location).

We are out of town a lot during the summer. We want to continue lessons but not pay by the month, what can we do?

We make it easy during the summer to have lessons and only pay for what you schedule. For the summer months we prorate lessons based on what you schedule. Please ask your area director or teacher for details.

Can we change our lesson day and time just for the summer months?

Yes! Just talk to your teacher and he/she will move your lessons to a day and time that’s great for you. The best part is that when you move your lesson time during the summer you don’t change it for the next fall. All of our lesson days/times will remain the same in fall regardless of any changes you make throughout the summer. If you need to change your day/time for next fall please communicate that with your teacher. We’ll do our best to schedule a new day/time with you.

Can we take off the whole summer and start lessons back next fall?

Yes, just tell your teacher the date you'll be starting again and we'll be there on that day. The latest date this could be is the first day back after Labor day. We also want to say that even if your schedule inconsistent during the summer we’d love to see you as much as possible. This is common with school-aged students and we have a plan to keep lessons fun and practice expectations light and low-stress.

When does the summer policy go into effect?

Lessons In Your Home now has offices in many parts of the country. Please check with your local director by phone or email to find out when the summer policy is in effect in your city.

I’m only taking 2 lessons in July but my invoice doesn’t reflect that, why?

Our lessons are paid for in advance and our teachers report how many lessons you have scheduled with them for a summer month after we send you an invoice. Therefore your credits will be represented on your next invoice.

How are my summer lessons pro-rated?

Because lessons are paid for in advance your pro-rated appear as a credit on your next invoice. Lessons during the summer are prorated to the number of lessons you schedule with your teacher. Your teacher will work with you in advance to have a clear picture of what your summer months look like and schedule lessons with you based on your availability.

We’d like to stop lessons because we don’t know what our schedule will be in September, and we’re taking the whole summer off.

You can stop lessons at any time, but here’s my suggestion....about 1/3 of our families switch lesson times in the fall.  It’s totally normal!  Staying enrolled will make sure you are the first priority for your current teacher to reschedule in September, and you’ll have a spot on their roster that will be worked out before any other new students can enroll on your teacher’s schedule.  Even though you don’t know the exact time, you’ll have the first rescheduling priority.

Can We Make Up or Reschedule Summer Lessons

Of course!  A lot of families find make ups are easiest to do in summer.  Just ask your teacher to double up or schedule the lessons missed in other weeks that work for you, mutually.

We want to take the whole summer off and need to stop lessons and sign back up in September. Can we terminate service at the end of May?

We’re always able to proceed how you’d like, but I’d like to suggest a different plan.  Since this is our summer pro-rated season, you won't be charged for the lessons you don’t take in the summer anyways, but by staying enrolled, you know you’ll have the same instructor and a spot of their schedule in the first week of September.  This saves a lot of hassle for you, and you’ll be guaranteed your same spot on your current teacher’s schedule.  If you un-enroll, you may not be able to get your preferred time or same teacher in September.

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Holiday Policies

Do we pay the same monthly tuition for lessons this month when we have a holiday and are not taking lessons?

Our tuition at Lessons In Your Home is based on a 48-week year and not based on a number of lessons in any month. Tuition takes into account Thanksgiving (Tuesday-Sunday), winter (two weeks), and Spring break (one week). These are four specific weeks in which lessons are not offered and are factored into lesson prices. Summer lessons are pro-rated to the number of lessons you are available for.

Next Monday is Memorial Day, are we going to have lessons?

Yes, we teach on all "Monday holidays", If don't want to have a lesson or want to try to reschedule a lesson please speak with you teacher about dong so. If your teacher can reschedule with you the will but we cannot guarantee that a day/time to reschedule will be available for you.

How do you know when my spring break is?

We don't, so please help us by letting your teacher know. Spring Break is one of 4 weeks throughout the school year that we don't teach but since many schools have spring break at different times we'll need your help to know when your is.

Can I learn holiday music?

Of course, becoming a musician is about bring your new talent into all aspects of your life. Please let your teacher know that you are interested. If you have specific music you'd like to play have it ready.

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When is the recital?

We host recitals all the time and in different places. Please call or email your local director and we’ll let you know.

Do adult students play in recitals?

They are welcome to but, often times we host separate “adult music gatherings” where a group of adult students get together and share what we are working on with out the kids. It’s common for our teachers to perform at these events as well.

Does my child have to participate in a recital?

No, but we believe it’s an important part of taking lessons. Often times we remember a fear of performing from when we were younger but times our different and our recitals are really a friendly family environment when students are encouraged to do their best. Dress is Sunday casual and students sit with their family up until the time where it’s their turn to play.

What should we wear to the recital?

Sunday casual is best but we have people where everything. We like stress free clothes so what ever makes your student more comfortable is best with us.

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