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What Happens if We Forget About Our Scheduled Lesson, or are Late?

We understand that things come up, and you may accidentally forget a scheduled session with your instructor, or have a delay in joining the session.  We have some policies in place for both our families and teachers if you are not present at the anticipated start.
No Show:  If you are not home, or have not joined your video lesson within 5 mins of the start time, your teacher will reach out to you to check in.  They will wait for 15 minutes per student for you to join before either leaving, or ending the call.  No shows cannot be credited, as the teacher was available for the session and must be compensated for their time.
Late to a Lesson:  If you arrive or join a lesson late, your teacher will give you the remaining amount of time from the original start time, or their arrival (if they were later than the start time).  We cannot offer a make up for the missed time due to attending late.
**Please note:  we are always happy to offer a make up if you provide advance notice of an absence.  If you are not present and there was no notification ahead of the session, your teacher will anticipate that we’re scheduled as normal.  Because we bill based on the schedule reservation, we cannot credit a lesson you miss.