How To Help Your Student Stay Musically Motivated

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students staying musically motivated

The flame of inspiration ignites the heart of every musician. It can be a blazing composition of ideas, motivation, progress, and creativity. As the lights of this blaze flicker, it may feel fleeting. Was this spark a passing thought or idea? Have you ever felt like you weren’t making enough progress? Did you lose your musical motivation? This feeling happens to the greatest of musicians, and it is something we need to discuss.

The first step is to realize that this is a normal occurrence for artists at all levels. Music lessons with our instructors can help guide students through all stages of the creative process. Contact Lessons in Your Home today to set up a lesson near you or online. This blog post will survey how to overcome these motivational hurdles as students, teachers, and professional musicians.

Note to Students

We like to envision progress moving as a direct line, with consistent strides. Students should know the actual path of learning is like waves that vary and waver. There will be steady progress no matter what if you keep practicing and learning. However, the rate of progress will likely fluctuate.

When students start learning an instrument, they may first learn pieces expeditiously. They may start by playing three musical compositions a week and completing them! When the student commences an increasingly difficult repertoire, it may hit them as a shock. It can take months to learn an entire sonata! This point can lead to frustrations, and it is understandable.

Realize that if something is taking a long time, you are likely building a musical masterpiece! You can put aside a piece if you must, but it is best to break it into sections. Think of a lengthy musical manuscript as many short ones intertwined. Learn the large form of musical works, and you can see how smaller parts lead to an overall large structure. If you still feel stuck on something, ask your teacher for guidance. Your instructor is there to help and guide you!

For Teachers

Musical pedagogues should track the progress of their students. If a student seems to hit a stumbling block, try tapping into their feelings. Teachers, this can be as simple as starting each lesson by asking how their day or week is going. Show genuine interest, and ask them how they feel regarding their musical progression. As teachers, we need to see signs when students express frustration. Signs of frustration can be verbalized or expressed through mannerisms and facial expressions.

It is important to challenge our pupils, but it is necessary to nourish their growth and give them encouragement. If you notice your student is at a stagnant point, try implementing other things. Musical learning spans in endless directions. You can focus on repertoire, technique, musical theory, music history, and improvisation.

To the Artist and Musical Creator

Inspiration fuels the creative artist. It is the driving force that inspires one to learn and play music. Music is inspirational and is an aural reflection of the human soul. Hurdles will happen, and you may feel unmotivated or frustrated at times.

Think of musical development the same way as the “development” section of Sonata form. The development section is in the middle of a composition using Sonata form. When we listen to the development, it is unstable and moody. Through its twists, turns, and modulations it brings the listener back home to its triumphant return! Every time you feel the frustration and pain of growth, remember you are developing into the recapitulation of your initial spark!

If you are a beginner or professional looking to polish your craft, or learn a new musical skill, Lessons in Your Home has the teacher for you! The power of music is endless and let it fill you with love and creativity for all your days. Reach out to us today to help your student stay musically motivated.

students staying musically motivated