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How Do You Select Your Teachers? What Qualifications Do Your Teachers Have?

Our staff is the foundation of what makes Lessons In Your Home special. We source our teachers from colleges, universities, and recommendations from our current staff. Our rigorous interview process and comprehensive training further enhance their qualifications, aligning them with the Lessons In Your Home way of teaching.

The safety of our students is paramount, which is why we conduct thorough criminal background checks on all potential teachers. Passing this check is a pre-requisite for being considered for our staff, ensuring you work with a verified and trustworthy individual.

All our teachers have degrees or are professionally established within the music community, showcasing their commitment to their craft. Most importantly, their passion for teaching music sets them apart as exceptional mentors for our students.

Before our teachers start working with any student, we take the time to get to know them well. This practice allows us to understand their teaching style, personality, and values. By building this personal connection, we can ensure an easy and trusted start for our families with an excellent teacher.