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What Are Holiday Weeks & How Does Billing Work?

A holiday week is one in which LIYH is closed and there are no scheduled lessons.. At Lessons In Your Home, we have 4 annual, school-wide holiday weeks that are already factored in to our monthly tuition.  These are the weeks of Thanksgiving (Tues – Sun), 2 week Winter Break, and one floating week for Spring Break (follows your individual family or vacation schedule in March / April).  We offer lessons every other week of the year.  In the Summer, pro-rated billing is available.

Music Lesson tuition is monthly, and a flat-rate.  We do not bill by the lesson.  This means that your monthly invoice will not fluctuate in longer and shorter months (i.e. more or less than 4 weeks).  Tuition is a consistent amount based on the month we are in, and holidays weeks when no lessons will take place have been factored into the flat-rate tuition rate in advance.

Your instructor will remind you of upcoming holiday dates as they near.  Please note — these are not teacher absences, but rather, a confirmation that our school is closed in our 4 holiday weeks.

If you have any questions about holiday weeks, please contact your Director, and they will be happy to assist further!