Teacher Profile: Victoria Ho

Victoria Ho

Victoria Ho

Instrument(s): Guitar, Little Music Makers, Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC

Education: University of Central Florida; Radford University

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    About Victoria Ho

    Vicky is a music teacher originally from Cocoa Beach, FL. She has been teaching since 2008, starting in the Central Florida area and has been in the Southwest Virginia region for the past five years. She has finished coursework for her Masters of Science in Music Therapy at Radford University and received her Bachelor of Arts from the music program at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Music with Vocal Emphasis.

    She started her music career with piano 20 years ago under the wing of Diana Ryder, and from there her love for music grew. Growing up, she listened to a variety of music, classical, musical theatre, Disney, pop, and Vietnamese folk and pop music. Ms. Ryder exposed her to a plethora of new genres and from there she developed her own style. Piano-wise her primary personal playing focuses are the romantic and baroque era, especially Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin. However, she has learned and will teach many genres that fit the interest of the student, while providing a strong technical background to play these various styles.

    At UCF she has studied with Dr. Jeremy Hunt and Kimberly Saunders Randall, and her past voice teachers include, Jason Reichman and Young Ju Lee, both FSU alumni. Vocally, her styles branch musical theatre, opera, pop, country, and on occasion touches on jazz. She teaches various genres, emphasizing healthy vocal technique.

    She has made the effort to learn as much as she possibly can about music, the different ways to play, to sing, while still keeping true to her own style. She hopes that her students have that same drive and be open to learning all sorts of music! Vicky strives to create a musical learning environment that reinforces and encourages her students to do to their best by combining her education in music therapy and her background in music education. Her therapy background helps her to better uncover, understand, and address individual needs of the student, which has greatly enhanced her overall rapport with her students. It has also taught her flexibility, and ways to address different changes. She intends her lessons to be fun, but challenging. So long as the students are eager to learn, she is eager to teach!

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