Should My Child Play the Piano?

In a community rich with cultural opportunities, it’s common for parents to explore the array of arts experiences available for their children. Whether motivated by an unforgettable piano concert, a magical evening at the ballet, or the joy of a classical music performance during the holiday season, music frequently serves as the gateway to the broader arts world for many families. As a foundational element of the performing arts, music provides a pathway for lifelong learning and enrichment. It’s no surprise that piano lessons often emerge as the initial step for parents eager to introduce their children to the joys and disciplines of music. But is learning to play the piano the right choice for your child? Let’s delve into some considerations that can help guide your decision.

Is My Child Ready For Lessons? 

If your child is asking you for lessons then the answer is definitely yes.  But, not every child knows to literally ask for music lessons.  Watch your child because they will tell you in other ways if they are ready for lessons.  Do you hear them humming to themselves or do they love to sing along with the radio?  Do you see them tapping toes to the beat of a song, or how about seeing them tapping their fingers rhythmically on their lap or a table top?   Even swaying or dancing to the beat of music can indicate that your child is dialed in to the music.  If you see these signs even in young children it might be the right time to start lessons.  Age is definitely a factor to take into consideration and lessons for a 3-4 year old would be exceptionally young but not unheard of.  Once a child is school aged, if they are asking or if you are seeing the signs of musical interest, you should definitely encourage them to develop that affinity as soon as possible.  

Is Piano The Right Instrument?

With so many options available in musical instruments it might seem overwhelming when selecting an instrument for your child.  Some children have a natural affinity for an instrument, such as if they are always playing an air guitar or even plucking strings on a real guitar or playing keys on a piano. If they do, it’s good to follow their lead because a happy music student is definitely more motivated to learn.  If your child isn’t certain about which instrument to choose, piano is a great first option. Piano is very accessible to young or new students since learning piano technique has an easier learning curve than other instruments.  This makes those first milestones a little easier to reach for new students, setting them up for more success in accomplishing long term goals.  It is possible that they will develop an interest in another instrument down the road.   A huge benefit of learning the piano is that the music theory behind the songs can be applied to every other instrument, in turn, making it easier to focus on instrument specific technique when they are ready to jump into a new instrument.

How Much Are You Willing To Commit?

Mastering an instrument is a lifelong journey, but don’t let that intimidate you!  With the right instruction, taking those first steps to learning an instrument is fun!  It does take persistence but very little time on a daily basis.  In fact, if your child can commit to short periods of practice of even just 10-15 minutes daily, they will have much better success than someone who crams a marathon practice session in the night before their lesson.  Letting your teacher know which songs your child is interested in learning really helps.   When your child is excited about a song you’ll be amazed at how often you’ll find them sitting down to play!

Think You Are Ready?

If you think you are ready to take those first steps into your child’s musical journey then you should definitely seek out a piano teacher who is a trained music professional.  Not all music professionals are alike.  You need to make sure that you find a piano teacher who understands how to work with children.  And even further, a piano teacher who understands that no two kids learn exactly the same way.  Lessons in Your Home’s family of music professionals all have a focus on making sure kids have a great experience with music.  We don’t just want to teach your child how to play the piano, we want to pass on our love of music that will hopefully carry your child all the way into adulthood!  And don’t forget to take into consideration how busy kids are today.   Parents can find themselves zooming their child from the soccer field for a Sounder’s clinic to a Pacific Northwest Ballet studio for dance class so adding another stop for music lessons could feel overwhelming.  That’s a huge benefit to working with Lessons in Your Home since we come directly to your home either in person or over the internet.  It’s even possible to fit music lessons in between your child’s online coursework as a supplement to Public Schools current online offerings.  By taking the time to ensure that your lessons are both quality and convenient it will help you start off on the right foot so the entire family will be more likely to have a good experience and stick with it.  Right now, is the perfect time to inquire about piano lessons for your child.  We can’t wait to help you start your journey!