4 Benefits of Playing in a Recital

At a recent Lessons In Your Home recital in Miami, FL it was easy to see there are many benefits to being a part!  We had 15 students perform in the recital to a packed house of friends, family, and teachers.  Spirits were high and the performances were outstanding!  Here are 4 Benefits of Playing In A Recital for a student involved in private music. Check out the some of the posted videos from that recital too!

1. Something To Work For

How To Prepare For A Piano Recital
Something changes in a student when they hear that they will be performing in a recital.  There’s a sense of urgency and nervousness; a deadline.  Most working people out there can agree on the value of a deadline.  Now that the student has a recital to look forward to, they start practicing more often.  They are willing to absorb information like never before.  The best part is, once these practices become routine, they are more likely to work just as hard after the recital.

2. Performance Experience

Playing in a recital is valuable performance experience for young players.  If they wish to continue in music, chances are, there will be many more performances down the road.  There are a few things that take getting used to in a live performance setting.  Performing in front of people is in general not easy and requires practice.  I always had the worst performance anxiety as a newer student.  However, each time I would perform in front of an audience, it would get easier.  Each time a student learns how to play through a mistake or takes a gracious bow or smiles at the audience, they are gaining very valuable experience to use for future performances.

3. Inspiration From Advanced Performers

I love this aspect of recitals.  Typically, we put more beginner students closer to the beginning and let the more advanced students take their place toward the end.  The less experienced students get a chance to watch the more advanced students play.  The beginner student sees a great performance and discovers that they are capable of playing like that too with some more time and energy.  They think “Wow, I want to do that” and their motivation increases just like that.

4. A Great Sense Of Pride And Accomplishment

This is perhaps the most important benefit of all for the student.  The student has worked very hard and faced their fears and at the end of it all, they are met with a wave of applause from a smiling audience.  This is the most magical moment of any recital.  This is the moment that the student feels special and accomplished and appreciated for all of their hard work.  This is the moment that makes it all worth it.  This is the moment when they look inside and say “Let’s do that again!”.  It is a beautiful thing to be able to share music with a crowd of appreciating listeners.  Enjoying this moment at a young age can help the student to become more fearless and boost their self-esteem like not much else can.  I often look back on those moments in my musical journey and smile because they helped me get to where I am as a musician and as a person today.
Thank you to all of the performers who made the South Florida Lessons In Your Home recital a huge success!  I can’t wait for the Fall recital!

How To Prepare For A Piano Recital

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