In Theory, Music Theory Is Fun!

There is an importance to learning basic theory in music, and music theory is fun. Just like learning phonics can give you a great foundation for reading, learning theory gives you a great foundation for musical learning!

Theory Is The Phonics Of Music

music theory is fun
Theory Flash Cards

Like reading, some students can bypass the phonics route and try something like the whole language approach. This was adequate for some students to learn to read, but on the whole has been discounted as a widely successful reading plan.
In that same vein, some students pick up music by ear. Great! They can sit down and start to play what they want just by listening to the sounds the piano makes.  For the rest of us, however, having a basic knowledge of the notes on the staff, the location of those notes on the keyboard, or guitar strings, is the foundation we use to read and build music.

Music Theory Is Fun

Learning the basics of theory will prove useful for life and for multiple instruments. Making it fun is a great part of the job of a teacher. It really lets you get creative. The other plus is that there are so many quality resources today to draw on when it comes to theory lessons. Many of the theory books today are filled with colorful pictures, fun games and many things that make the learning process less like a task and more like a game. Flashcard and games that go with them are also readily available.

Put Theory To Work In Your Lesson

When learning the different musical theory elements, putting them into practice in your piano lesson is key.  It goes with the adage, “repetition is the key to retention.” When we practice these theory and notes in our music lessons, they start to stick. You no longer have to think about which line or space the note is on, you just automatically go to the note. It has been practiced and then learned and stored in the long term memory.
Learning is fun, learning theory is fun too! The results and what you get back from it make it worthwhile and something beneficial  for us all to pursue!

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