3 Ways To Prepare Students For A Recital Part 3: Practice, Duh!

How to Prepare for a Violin RecitalThe #1 most important part to recital preparation is obviously PRACTICE! We have to teach our students how to practice and hope they follow through when we aren’t around every other hour of the week. Usually having a performance in the near future is enough to inspire even the least motivated student to practice and if so the pre-recital lessons can focus on running through the performance over and over and over. We practice bowing before and after, playing straight through with mistakes, and sometimes I make obnoxious noises behind them to serve as a distraction in case a screaming baby or cell phone make their way into the recital hall. When you practice performing enough, muscle memory will kick in when nerves take over, and will hopefully prepare the students for the best possible outcome!
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How to Prepare for a Violin Recital

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