First 3 Months Of Piano Lessons – A Teachers Guide

This article is for teachers of young beginners on piano who need lesson plan ideas. General thoughts included here work especially well for the first 3 months of study, which is when a routine and familiarity is established with the instrument. For young beginners, piano study is a great way to begin music lessons, and

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Motivating Through Piano Music

Motivating Piano Students through Repertoire Options – Piano Music   This article provides insights on how teachers can motivate students by letting them have control over certain portions of their weekly and long-term assignments. For private piano teachers, one of the challenges we meet, especially with students who are working through the first several years

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Teaching Piano Students How to Improvise

This article is for piano teachers looking for ways to introduce improvisation into their students’ lessons and make the experience fun and successful. This week, I was very fortunate to be able to attend a program on the “Art of Improvisation” conducted by Jeffrey Chappell—a true expert on the subject.  As a piano teacher who

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