Play Violin, Even If Your Accompaniment Stops – Surprise Ending

Private Violin Lessons teach students to Play Violin at recitals. Violin Teachers need to teach performers to keep going even if things go wrong.

Playing Violin At A Recent Recital

At a recent recital in Miami, FL, Brooke, a young student started her violin music, “The Two the Grenadiers by Robert Schumann”. She began to play violin and was doing great and then the unthinkable happened, her accompanist’s piano music flew off the piano and onto the floor.

A Music Teachers Reaction

I took a deep breath for the young lady because she was unaware it had happened and I thought to myself “oh boy, I hope she is going to be alright” and much to my pleasure she was.

Prepare Them With All The Skills And Knowledge You Have

When you are a private violin teacher, it’s important to prep your students for everything, accompaniment mistakes, crowd noise, etc. This is how you do it.
Train your student student with lots of “mach recitals” in the lessons preceding the official recital date. By doing this you’ll be teaching not the piece, but the performance of the violin music outside the realm of itself. Practice the following:

  1. An Accompaniment Mistake
  2. Loud Noises During The Performance
  3. Talking, Babies Crying, Etc.
  4. Instrument Malfunctions

What Happens If They Do Get Distracted
If your student becomes distracted or stops playing when they shouldn’t go over all the places they can start from. It’s hard for a young person to randomly, on the fly just start from a new stop. Don’t leave this occuracnce to chance, Teach It!

Play Violin
Vera Nji, Violin Teacher

Brooke’s Violin Teacher is Vera Nji. I asked Vera after the recital if she was worried about music malfunction and her reply was so clutch. “I felt sorry for Brooke because of course, I wanted the best for her. But I knew we had prepared and was proud of the readiness to not be affected. This is what happens when you play violin.”
Way to go Vera! and thank you to Brooks mom for sharing the video too:).

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