How To Not Quit Piano Lessons – 3 Ideas, Thanks Mom

It’s normal for students to want to Quit Piano Lessons. Here are 3 ideas to make sure that doesn’t happen and a story that made me thank my mom.

No.1 Don’t Act Shocked!


It’s not shocking if a student comes to a parent or teacher and says they want to quit, they are probably nervous and curious for the response. If the response is disappointment or anger or shock, then it’s over. They have already said it so they may as well follow through if you give them the option.

No.2 Don’t Ask Why.

Most parents probably know the answer and there is a good bit of value in not asking a question you don’t want to hear an answer to. The important step is to make sure you and the piano teacher have a plan.

No.3 It’s Normal So Relate

Every kid wants to quit piano lessons at some point and you as the teacher or parent probably wanted to quit something once too. Tell her that you had the same feelings once and that you’re glad to you didn’t listen to them.

What We Do As Teachers

As a Piano Teacher, I take the information about a student wanting to quit piano lessons and really listen more intently to what the child is showing me in our lessons. Then, I comfort her and start building confidence in what we were missing.

What Made Me Write This

Six weeks ago one of my very favorite students expressed to her mom that she wanted to quit piano lessons. I didn’t hear about from her or her mom. I heard about it from her older sister who probably wanted to stir up some drama. I think this 3 minute conversation had a big impact on these girls.
Abby sits down for her lesson smirking and said “Hannah needs to tell you something but she’s scared”. I asked what it was she needed to tell me and Abby says “she wants to stop piano lessons……my mom told her she has to tell you herself” and then quickly looks at my face for the reaction of horror she must have been expecting.
I was definitely caught off guard but I quickly responded with “oh yea? Hmm. Well that’s normal…every kid wants to quit at some point. I sure hope she doesn’t because she’s one of my favorites”. Abby seemed shocked by how casually I took the “news”. I told her that once when I was 11 I wanted to stop taking piano too. She was shocked and asked why. “Because I hated scales and didn’t want to practice them anymore. My mom didn’t let me and I’m so glad that she didn’t because I wouldn’t be here teaching you!”
Abby says “Did you ever thank your mom for not letting you quit?” I realized that I don’t
think I ever did. Hannah had her lesson next and she didn’t mention anything to me about her intentions and I haven’t heard a word about it since that day. I think Abby relayed the information to them and Hannah came to her own decision not to be a quitter. I followed Abby’s sweet advice and thanked my mom that night!

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