7 Highly Effective Habits for Guitar Lesson Practice

Learning to play guitar is rewarding and fun. It’s also a commitment, so developing effective practice habits can turn your commitment into a passion, a strong hobby, or even a career! When you are taking guitar lessons and working on what your teacher assigned, you consider the following recommendations to make the most out of

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Guitar Lesson Practice

Big Stage – Music Students Perform At Philips Arena

Amazing Music Teachers When a teacher applies to become a member of our teaching staff, we always are looking for one thing, Are the willing to do their best. All teachers are not created equal, we all come from different backgrounds and have difference goals for our students but there is a universal truth to

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amazing music teachers

Learning Personalities To Solve Problems In Music

It’s All In The Details! While working with private students, I make the effort to notice subtle details about their personalities. I discovered one such detail yesterday with a student I’ve been working with for about a year. While this student has made above average progress over time, her over all ability to complete songs

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solving problems in music

Adult Music Lessons – Learning From Myself

Recently, I wrote a blog about giving lessons to adult students.  However, I also happen to be an adult that is currently taking lessons.  Being a student myself has actually taught me a lot about teaching and has given me a great new perspective on music lessons. Adult Music Lessons I have taken lessons before

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Keep In Home Music Students Longer – The Best Part of Teaching Lessons!

The best part of teaching in home music lessons is your students stay with you longer then those who travel to their lessons at a music school or a teacher’s home. There are 3 easy to understand reasons why this is. One, a great music teacher gets more time with the family of their student.

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Practice Your Age! in Minutes a day – A fresh concept in practicing for your music lesson.

I was in a coffee shop in Miami with Rich Margolis, Piano Teacher with Lessons In Your Home. I asked Rich “how’s practice going with your students?” to which he replied great, they are practicing their age. Rich explained that as he’s been using this technique and it’s going really well. It’s as simple as

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