7 Highly Effective Habits for Guitar Lesson Practice

Learning to play guitar is rewarding and fun. It’s also a commitment, so developing effective practice habits can turn your commitment into a passion, a strong hobby, or even a career! When you are taking guitar lessons and working on what your teacher assigned, you consider the following recommendations to make the most out of

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Guitar Lesson Practice

Practicing Piano with a Metronome

Practicing piano with a metronome can be difficult at first. No lie. I know this because I remember the difficulty I had when I first started out playing piano. I also know this because of my experience teaching beginning piano students. But the metronome is an extremely important training tool you can learn to use and even love. In this article, I’m going to share a few tips and techniques that will make learning how to practice piano with a metronome easier.

Metronomes, use them! Make in-home music lessons more sucessful.

When learning an instrument, it can seem like a metronome is your worst enemy. It makes playing everything seem much more difficult! It may seem difficult now, but practicing with a metronome trains you physically and mentally to keep consistent time in your playing. Being able to keep a steady time is essential to playing

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