Music and the brain

Music and the brain… When I did a stint as a brain trainer for an established learning center, I was struck by the fact that we did about 90% of our brain exercises set to a metronome. Yes, the thing that sat on top of my piano all through my early years. A metronome.
After a little research, I realized the vast amount of information linking learning and the brain to music and all the benefits of music on learning, memory, etc.  In a world where it seems we are all trying to improve our brain, and give our children the best possible advantages educationally, the benefits of music have been well documented. What a great, fun and positive way to help an area of life we all want to improve in! Keep up the music lessons, even the metronome when necessary. Music is developing so much more than just the notes we can hear. The brain improvement can’t be physically seen, but its effects show up everywhere!

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