Applying Repetitions as ConstructivePiano Practice

Clocks And Piano Don’t Always Play Well Together In a previous article I outlined why we should use Repetitive Practice constructively rather then watching a clock. This article details the application of constructive piano practice and gets students away from looking at the clock and more involved in constructive repetitions and efficient practice. Applying Constructive

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constructive piano practice

How to Shop for an Acoustic Piano

Shopping for a piano is a bit like shopping for a car. You should check out different makes and models, shop around at different dealers, and take test drives to make sure you’re getting the instrument you’ll be happy with in the long term. And if you’re considering a used piano, you might want to take along a mechanic (piano technician or piano teacher) to uncover any past or potential defects. This article provides some basic guidelines to help those who are new to the world of piano make more informed decisions in the face of a multitude of options.

Practicing Piano with a Metronome

Practicing piano with a metronome can be difficult at first. No lie. I know this because I remember the difficulty I had when I first started out playing piano. I also know this because of my experience teaching beginning piano students. But the metronome is an extremely important training tool you can learn to use and even love. In this article, I’m going to share a few tips and techniques that will make learning how to practice piano with a metronome easier.

Learning To Read Lead Sheets on Piano – Chord Charts – How To and Why!

Using lead sheets or chord charts to play your favorite song is not just accessible to guitar players, but to pianists also. Especially when students reach an intermediate level of piano study, reading lead sheets is a great theory exercise to incorporate into guitar lessons and can be made into a progressive improvisation study. What

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How To Sit At The Piano – Height, Distance, Posture – Play Piano

Have you ever been to a piano recital and noticed the pianist moving the bench and wonder “what are they doing”? They are adjusting the bench to give themselves the most comfortable position at the piano. Every pianist is different in size and height.  Adjusting the bench to their body types allows the pianist to

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Priavte Music Lessons Influence Others at Home in Denver

While teaching a weekly piano lessons in my student’s home, it is amazing how many times another sibling hears what happens, and is inspired to do something about it! Music is contagious. Just think of all the commercial jingles someone could finish if you started them. The same concept happens with music taught in the

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Favorite Piano Methods for Teenagers in D.C. & Baltimore

Teenagers are a fun group to teach, and the musical possibilities are endless!  They are at a point in life when individual tastes in music form, and they definitely keep me on my toes with knowing the new, cool bands and artists.  Every student age, from young beginners to the 7-12 group, has its own

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