Keep Your Eyes on the Music! – Teaching Tips for Piano Teachers

This article details a way teachers can help beginning level piano students keep their eyes on the music and avoid looking at their hands to improve music reading continuity.   For beginning piano students, keeping your eyes on the music is a difficult challenge, but necessary to build note reading ability and continuity. For teachers,

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7 Reasons To Take Private Music Lessons Starting At 4 years Old

It’s never too late to start learning an instrument. I truly believe that statement and I admire adults who call me when they want to finally follow through with their life long dreams of playing piano, guitar, violin, or whatever else. Any age is a good age for music but I think children, especially young

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How To Sit At The Piano – Height, Distance, Posture – Play Piano

Have you ever been to a piano recital and noticed the pianist moving the bench and wonder “what are they doing”? They are adjusting the bench to give themselves the most comfortable position at the piano. Every pianist is different in size and height.  Adjusting the bench to their body types allows the pianist to

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