Why Learning Holiday Music is Easy

Why Is It Easy To Learn Holiday Music But Hard To Learn Other Pieces

As I was talking to a mom at a recent piano recital, she asked how it was so easy for her son, and notice how fast he learned to play “Winter Wonder Land” or another parent who’s child just started lessons and played Jingle Bells. Well I said, it’s easy, he knows how the song sounds.

When You Use Your Ears And Sheet Music, Things Go Faster

It’s a good idea when you think about. When a music student knows how a piece sounds and has the music to also show them how the music sounds they learn faster and more securely. There’s a faster sense of security that how they’re interpreting the music is correct.

Why Aren’t We Giving Students Recordings As Well As “The Music”?

Holiday Music
Singing Her Heart Out At Recital

Maybe we should, some of us do, and some of us don’t. When I was a student, I had an early teacher that wouldn’t play a piece for me that I was working on. She knew, if I heard it I could play it easier. In short, she wanted me to read and listen to what I was reading so I would learn.

Times Are Changing And Video’s Everywhere

I think smart teachers are using video as a learning tool. Leading students to video’s of the piece’s they are playing and in such, give their students an upper hand on playing more securely. I believe the music teacher fear of a student becoming a weaker reading by listening and watching the pieces they are learning is just that, a fear.
Instead, students who listen to other recordings of the songs they are learning get more excited then students who feel less connected.

Holiday Music Gives Us This Opportunity

Holiday music lets us glimpse at alternative learning methods. I also think it leads to playing from memory, singing while playing and having fun with music. I’m always thankful for this time of the year in my music lessons.

Secure Music Reading is Important

We shouldn’t use video and similar songs as a teaching crutch, only giving students what they can hear easily. Sight-reading should be a part of every lesson. A video of a poor performance can also do harm so students shouldn’t be lead to video blindly. A great idea for music teachers is to record the piece as a demonstration to their student. The words recordings are now our oysters.

Have Fun This Holiday Season

Use holiday music to have fun this Holiday Season. Not matter what holiday you celebrate music can be a part. If you listen, it already is. Music is everywhere this time of year so don’t treat it as background noise. Express Happy!


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