How Long Does It Take To Play Guitar?

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How Long Till You Can Play Guitar

It’s a great question, how long does it take to learn how to play guitar, and the answers you receive will often be foggy. Here in this article on the subject you’ll learn the truth.

You get foggy answers because there are so many variables, age, previous experience, instrument, goals, etc. How can there be one answer right?


You’ll Never Stop Learning How To Play Guitar

The answer that answers all question is…….. You’ll never stop learning to play. You’ll never be “there” and the best guitarist, guitar teachers, and private guitar students understand that. You just play and keep learning because you love to. Isn’t that why people want to play anyway?


Play Guitar Because You Love To

If you want to really enjoying taking guitar lessons, don’t focus on the end; focus on each part of the journey. How you can play today will be eclipsed by how you can play tomorrow so forget wanting to know where you are and enjoy now! The reason you want to play is because you love music; love the sound of the guitar and love expressing yourself while you play it. You like being able to play a song and that’s exactly what musicians do, we play music. Welcome to the club.


But I Really Want To Know What I’m In For

Ok, I knew you were going to ask, here’s a break down of what happens in your first year of playing guitar:


Ages 5-8

How To Play Guitar
Most Children Start On An Acoustic Guitar

Within the first 3 months, the 5-8 beginning will know the names of the strings, where specific notes are, how to read them on a music staff and how to play a few melodies that are recognizable. After they’ve played 6 months those early melodies will become more comfortable and of course the whole time they are slowly but surely adding more to what they play. Chords come in later for younger guitar students and into their first year and beyond will be playing chords and sometimes play chords while someone sings or plays the melody on another instrument. They might be playing more classical melodies too based on their interest in music and what they learn they like to do in this 1st year in lessons.


Ages 9-12

Just like early ages, within the first 3 months guitar students who are 9-12 will learn the names of the strings and notes on the guitar and how to read them on the music staff. They will learn songs and learn basic chords depending on the size of their hand and how hard they work on their assignments. After they’ve played for 6 months they’ll be playing a number of songs and more complicated melodies. They’ll be a focus on articulation and details of presenting a song in a way that conveys the meaning of the song. At a year they are playing a good number of songs in such a way that they could bring their guitar to an event, pull it out and show off their skills in a way that makes others go “wow, I wish I new how to play guitar”.


Ages 13-Adults

how long till I can play
Be Patient and have fun learning to play guitar.

We lump 13 to adults in the same category because the way we learn as humans doesn’t change to much after we reach our teenage years. We teach teens more like adults and so it’s really all the same. In the 1st 3 months, you’ll learn strings, basic music reading, chords, and songs. You’ll have to be patient with yourself because you’ll know what to do far better then you can actually do it. But with a smile and a good attitude, you’ll play a few songs and know how to make them better; you’ll just need time. After 3 months and all the way to a year you’ll hone in on your skills and you should have a number of songs that you play with a lot of confidence. Once you’ve played for a year, you’ll laugh at the question, “how long does it take to play the guitar” and find yourself not thinking in those terms again. When asked by a friend you’ll give them a foggy answer and send them to this article.


Playing Guitar Takes One To A Lifetime Full Of Days But You Love It So Who Cares


Take the time to learn to play guitar and you’ll be happy you did. You’re guitar teacher should be fun and encouraging. They should have a plan on how to teach you. They should be able to guide you in a smart path that doesn’t leave you with gaps in your playing. Don’t push them on what to teach you next, if you trust your teacher you’ll be impressed with where you are in no time. Just don’t forget to play everyday!

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