Applying Repetitions as ConstructivePiano Practice

Clocks And Piano Don’t Always Play Well Together In a previous article I outlined why we should use Repetitive Practice constructively rather then watching a clock. This article details the application of constructive piano practice and gets students away from looking at the clock and more involved in constructive repetitions and efficient practice. Applying Constructive

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constructive piano practice

Improve Piano Sight Reading, 3 Tips

This article details 3 different tips to improve sight-reading for beginning through intermediate piano students.  These ideas can help in building fluency with new pieces at a quicker rate, and can help with overall note-reading comprehension. As most students and teachers know, sight reading and overall note-reading ability is a crucial part of piano study. 

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Getting Your Child to Practice Their Instrument

Music lessons are awesome! We love when our children say they want to take lessons, and we LOVE hearing those great songs coming from their instruments. But let’s face it, getting them to practice that instrument can sometimes be challenging. “Practice makes perfect,” we’ve heard it and we know it to be true, so this

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