How To Play Guitar – An Easy Practice Tip

If you are starting guitar lessons or thinking about how to play guitar, you’ll be having some questions for sure. One practice tip that always raises an eyebrow is simply to hold your guitar.

Hold Your Guitar For 5 Minutes A Day

how to play guitar
Hold Your Guitar For 5 Minutes A Day

Our guitar teachers often use this simple bit of advise to students of all levels. Holding the instrument, without the intent of playing really gets a few things working.

Proper Position When Learning How To Play Guitar

First off, holding the guitar helps a guitar student just become comfortable with holing the guitar and how to hold it correctly. Proper positioning can often get overlooked when a student is ready to practice their instrument. Then if the student doesn’t know why they might be having an issue, sometimes it can be as simple as proper positioning.

Thing About It

Ok, it may be overstating a little but just thinking about how to play guitar is very important. Thinking about how to do something is a powerful learning tool.

Shooting Free Throws

In a recent study among non-basketball playing middle school age kids, students where asked to shoot free throws and then there score was recorded. Then over the next week the group was broken up into three groups. The first group was asked to practice shooting free throws 10 minutes a day, the second group was asked to just think about shooting free throws for 10 minutes per day and the third group was told not to do anything. After the week the first group that practiced showed a 12 percent better free throw average, the second group, the ones that just thought about free throws recorded an 8% better free throw average and the 3rd group showed no change. The study proved the power of thought alone!

Learning How To Play Guitar

I wish I could tell you that all you have to do to learn how to play guitar was as easy as holding it, but I can’t. What I can say though is that holding you guitar for a few minutes every day can help guitar students learn to play better.

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