Piano Lessons – Fun Fantastic Energized!

Fun, Fantastic, Energized Piano Lessons!!

Keeping piano lessons high energy helps keeps the lessons fun and engaging for our young students! A couple rules of thumb will help you achieve this level of successful piano lesson.

Yes Get Fresh!

denver piano lessons
Turn on the energy

First of all, believe in what you are doing. Sounds simple, but true passion goes a long way to helping you express this energy to you student. A simple way to be an even bigger believer in what you are doing is to find a curriculum you like and fits your style. There are so many great teaching tools out there today, you might as well pick one you think is GREAT. If you have used the same one for 30 years and you are feeling some monotony yourself, time to look around and see what else is available. Maybe other curriculum aren’t any better, you just might need something new and fresh so you can bring a new fresh vibe to your students. On the whole, as piano teachers, we are teaching the same basic things, trying to create a really great foundation for our students. Most curriculum’s achieve this, so find the one, or try the new one that speaks to you and then let your enthusiasm show through!

Energy Needs A Plan

Secondly, try to do one “fun” thing every lesson. If you plan this in your head to be, say the last 5 minutes of the lesson, you will be more likely to follow through. Have the clock in your head ticking the time and think-time for something fun!! Make the enthusiasm come out in your voice-this might be your best tool. Playing “Heart and Soul” together at break neck speed, or playing a silly note finding game. Something that is probably not in a book, but comes from the well of fun you have inside of you. Once in a while having a “student pick song” at the end of the lesson can be a great fun thing. This makes an air of anticipation in lessons for the student. It naturally ups the energy of the lesson because at the end we get to play something like “Eye Spy” piano style. Be creative, be fun, be high energy. Kids love this stuff and it helps make the rudiments of music an easier fundamental to communicate and motivate the student to learn!

Piano Lessons Denver – Shake It Off!

Lastly and very simply, one time in your lesson (at least most weeks) get up! Off the bench, away from C position, standing, moving, doing something a little different. It is easy to sit the whole 45 minutes, but even playing one favorite song standing up and trying to tap your foot in rhythm can break the doldrums and bring high energy to the lesson. I’m a Denver Piano Lessons teacher and I know this works in my studio here. I’m sure it will in yours
Have Fun-that way you know your students will too!

denver piano lessons

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