Practice Your Age! in Minutes a day – A fresh concept in practicing for your music lesson.

Rich teaches piano lessons in Miami South Florida

I was in a coffee shop in Miami with Rich Margolis, Piano Teacher with Lessons In Your Home. I asked Rich “how’s practice going with your students?” to which he replied great, they are practicing their age. Rich explained that as he’s been using this technique and it’s going really well. It’s as simple as it sounds 6-year-old practices 6 minutes a day, a 10-year old-practices 10, etc.
My concern was the 10-year-old scenario to which Rich explained a little further. “I let the students know that the 10 minutes (for your age) is required and along with that requirement is that you practice as instructed”. Rich is detailed about how he wants his students to practice and outlines that for them each week in his lesson plan. After your age you can continue to play and practice as you wish.
What Rich’s piano students love in this concept is the ownership of what happens after their age. He said when he 1st adopted the strategy he was surprised to always get more practice then he expected. He also loved the students practicing “their own way” because they made a choice and all music teachers know that when your students make a choice about practicing they are taking giant steps to become musicians. I spoke about this concept in art post called You’re Doing What!
All in all, not a bad technique that any teach can add to their repertoire on getting students to practice. Read more on Rich Margolis “here”.

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