Adult Music Lessons – Learning To Play Music At Any Age! It’s never to late:)

Music can be many different things to many different people. Some people play music as a job and as a way of life. Some people play music only in their spare time, for personal enjoyment. Wherever you may lie on this spectrum, music is something that provides a vast amount of personal enjoyment.

Adult Music Lessons
I sometimes hear people tell me that it is too late for them to learn to pick up an instrument. They see and hear only young people playing music, or assume that the older people playing music have played since they were young. Many people take lessons later in life. These music lessons are some of my favorite lessons to teach, because they take for the pure enjoyment of playing music. I personally feel that it is never to late to enrich your life in this way.
Even if you have higher aspirations in a musical career, I like to tell this story. I studied classical percussion at the University of Miami Frost School of Music, a very prestigious music school. The director of the program at the time, Ney Rosauro, is a world-renowned percussion player and composer. While directing the entire percussion department and teaching, he also found the time to tour the world performing his original compositions. He didn’t pick up a pair of sticks until he was in his 20s.

2 thoughts on “Adult Music Lessons – Learning To Play Music At Any Age! It’s never to late:)

  1. Great Blog post!
    I am sure that persons who think that they are too old to become a musician will be motivated after reading this article.
    There several musicians who started to show interest in music at a late age. Some of them didn’t even know that music would take them all over the world to perform because it was just one of their hobbies.
    I agree, you can never be too old to become a musician.

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