Big Stage – Music Students Perform At Philips Arena

Amazing Music Teachers

When a teacher applies to become a member of our teaching staff, we always are looking for one thing, Are the willing to do their best. All teachers are not created equal, we all come from different backgrounds and have difference goals for our students but there is a universal truth to music teachers, those who go out of their way to do great things for their students are always Amazing Music Teachers.

Beyond A Recital – 20,000 Seats

When Ms Sally Rose Bates told her students they were going to sing our National Anthem they had no idea she meant “like at a really big event” but that’s just what they did. Sally, like many teachers with us are looking for opportunists to engage music students.  Singing at Philips Arena for an Atlanta Hawks game is just one of them. She’s taken her students to Italian restaurants to sing arias, outdoor festivals to sing, and even major venues like this one. All this from a private music teacher.

What We Do

I’m speaking to more then Lessons In Your Home when I say that this type of stuff is what amazing music teachers do, they bridge the gap between taking a private lesson and being a musician and sharing what it is you work on. Investing in students is also investing in music and musicians for generations to come. The guys in the park playing drums on Sunday aren’t only having a great time, their teaching others about expressing music.

Music Teachers, A Call For You To Invest

If you’re a music teacher who’s not going the distance, you don’t have to start at 20,000 seat venue like Philips, you can start at the library, or a coffee shop, or at a local fair.By all means, just make it happen.


amazing music teachers

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