Become A Music Star With Private Guitar Lessons

In the world of take along with you instruments, none stand up to the test quite like the guitar! So many of the music stars out there today are singing and playing their hearts out with their guitars strapped to  their bodies. Whether rock, country, gospel, praise and worship, and good ole’ pop; most music genres have guitar on the list of instruments the successful musicians play. Private guitar lessons is no doubt the way so many of these artists got started!

Tuning Your Guitar

So many things about the guitar need some guidance at the start of learning to play it. Tuning a guitar can be a little tricky at first. Sometimes it is confusing just to know whether you turn the knob to the right or to the left; am I going sharper or actually going flatter, and which direction is going to match the pitch I am looking for! A private guitar teacher will take you through the steps of tuning your guitar so that you get the sound you are looking for. When working in a band, or even with just one other instrument, it is vital to be in tune. Matching the pitch of the piano, or the bass becomes really important when you start to play together. Training the ear to hear the slight differences is a fundamental part of private guitar lessons and will head you in a harmonic direction on your musical quest.

Learning the Strings and Chords

When you learn how to build a chord with a private guitar teacher, you will start to understand the basic structure of building a chord in other instruments. The chord structure and intervals you learn will translate into your piano lessons or banjo, even. When you learn the scales on the guitar, you start to learn the basic set up for so many other things. Learning the stings and how to pluck out a melody is also something that a private guitar teacher will show you. The beauty of guitar is that you can learn three or four chords and start to be able to play songs. Sing along with your playing, and you could be headed to American Idol auditions!

Getting Fingers in Shape

One of the things about guitar that takes some time is letting your fingers get conditioned to pushing down the guitar strings. This takes a little time, but with consistent lessons, you will start to see how easy it becomes and your fingers know what to do, even if your brain sometimes takes a break! The beauty of muscle memory; sometimes the brain can play without being fully engaged because we’ve trained our fingers to do what they need to do, and gotten them in the shape to be able to sustain playing!

Benefit of Private Guitar Lessons

My son takes private guitar lessons in our home every week. I have watched a boy who had no musical background start to play songs that sound great! And like I said before, the diversity of music played by the guitar feels limitless. There are so many songs and artists that have great stuff playing on the radio that are using the guitar. Many songs are also remixed with just guitar, and I love it. It makes for a whole new sound. When any questions arise, our teacher is there to answer and help us through what we need. Not to mention, our private guitar teacher is the best source for finding music and help break down songs my son wants to learn and helping a song to start sounding like we all want it to sound!
Growing up by the beach, I remember most of those trips including a guitar, around a campfire, with a lot of singing. Those are some of the best memories of my life, and the guitar is front and present in so many of them. Start making great memories of your own and start private guitar lessons today! Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

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