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Before your 1st virtual lesson, you’ll receive welcome email and an invoice for the full first month’s tuition and registration fee. If after the first session, you are not satisfied with our services and would like to stop, you are only held accountable for the cost of the initial lesson.

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    Private Live Virtual Music Lessons In Your Home

    At Lessons In Your Home, you get experienced music teachers in all instruments live in your home virtually!  Whether you’re looking for virtual guitar lessons, virtual piano lessons or virtual violin lessons, we’ve got you covered. Our professional music teachers meet with you one on one via zoom, facetime, skype or google meet.

    If you have a phone and an instrument you can begin receiving virtual lessons today!

    FAQ About Virtual Music Lessons

    Do you offer Skype Music Lessons?

    Yes! Lessons In Your Home was one of the first to offer Skype music lessons before it became popular!

    Do you offer Google Meet Music Lessons?

    Yes, as a partner with your child’s education, we work with many of the same tools the schools use and offer Google Meet Music Lessons!

    Do you offer Zoom Music Lessons?

    Our newest offering is zoom music lessons! If you have a phone and an instrument we can offer you private online music lessons via zoom!

    Do you offer Facetime Music Lessons?

    Yes! If you have a phone and an instrument, we’ll try to accommodate whatever app you’re using in order to deliver a live online music lesson!

    Do you offer Virtual Guitar Lessons?

    Yes! Our guitar teachers have been doing virtual guitar lessons since Skype was the only way to communicate with video online!

    Do you offer Virtual Piano Music Lessons?

    Yes!  Our professional piano teachers are able to deliver high quality virtual piano lessons via any app mentioned above.  The piano instructor will guide you on how to set the camera up for the best view during the lesson.

    Do you offer Virtual Violin Lessons (or any other non-mainstream lessons)?

    Yes! Every instrument is available for virtual music lessons! Our music teachers can deliver professional private lessons for you in any instrument!

    Do you offer Virtual Voice Lessons?

    Yes! Virtual voice lessons might technically be the easiest lessons to deliver because there is less overall set up.

    How Is Your Virtual Music Lessons Different From Another Service?

    Obviously we can’t speak to the numerous virtual music lesson services out there, there are simply too many to count.  What we think sets us apart is our high-quality in-home music teachers.  Each music teacher is vetted not just for safety but for professionalism.  The virtual music lessons you receive from Lessons In Your Home

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    What is a Virtual Lesson like?

    It’s like an in-person lesson without the physical presence of a person. There are a few things to set up first, such as what the camera is viewing during the lesson, but the instructor is the same, and professional education is the same.

    Now there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the ability to play an instrument!  You can get professonal 1 on 1 musical training from the comfort of your home.   Click here to get started.