Private Piano Lessons For Anyone At Any Age

When people think of in home piano lessons in Orlando, they often think of an elementary-aged student. At Lessons In Your Home, we do serve many 5-11 year olds learning to play and instrument for the first time, but our scope reaches far beyond this age bracket. We also serve middle schoolers, high school aged students, young adults, middle-aged adults and seniors. In home piano lessons or any music lessons are great for any age.

Middle School-Aged Students

For this age bracket, in home lessons can provide a safe space for shy or nervous students to begin to learn an instrument without their peers watching them. If the student is a part of a school band or orchestra, in home lessons can be a place where they can further build their skills, so they can shine at school. Or perhaps music doesn’t happen every day at school and your middle schooler loves it – having in home lessons can give them an outlet to express themselves in a positive and creative way.

High School-Aged Students

By the time high school comes around, students have full plates. They do sports, are part of clubs, and volunteer. Grades become more important as college is on the horizon. In home lessons can allow your student to continue to keep music as a part of their learning, even when they are doing something else as their elective at school. Playing an instrument is seen as positive by college and university admissions offices. If already playing an instrument at school, in home lessons help a high school student excel at their chosen instrument.


When I was 12 or 13, I realized that my dream of becoming a professional ballerina was probably not going to come to fruition as I had never taken a ballet class. Even though I continued to want to dance, I didn’t do anything about it until I told my husband about my childhood dream and he gave me a gift certificate for ballet lessons. Will I ever be a professional? No. But I love taking ballet classes. I’ve improved so much, feel more in tune with my body and have fun in the lessons and practicing at home.
Many adults had dreams of becoming rock stars or performing musicians when young, but life led in different directions. Even if you have never played before or set your instrument aside when you were younger, you can reclaim that dream by taking lessons. One of my friends began playing the guitar as an adult and now she’s about to perform at an open mic night. She may never be Carrie Brownstein or Kaki King, but she’s fulfilling a lifelong dream of learning and performing guitar.
Being a grown-up doesn’t mean you stop learning; it means you get to choose more of what you learn. You can choose to learn the instrument that you’ve always wanted to learn.

Older Adults/Seniors

The other day a woman called Lessons In Your Home looking to take in home piano lessons. She told me that she had never played an instrument before, but that she had always wanted to learn. Now, she said, her grandson has a rock band and she wants to be able to perform a song with them. I am looking forward to seeing her perform, but even more impressed by the way she continues to seek out new adventures as she gets older.
Music is a great way to connect with grandchildren. Learning something new is great for keeping one’s mind, memory and cognition in shape. In home music lessons allow people who are not as mobile to have lessons without even having to leave their house.

Music At Any Age

Music at any age provides a form of expression to those who embrace it. You can begin to realize your lifelong dreams at any age. Learning something new keeps a person young and active. Begin your musical experience with Lessons In Your Home today. Our teachers will come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. However, our online music lessons are being taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your child! Contact us today to learn more.

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