Getting The Most Out Of Your In-Home Music Lessons

Music lessons in Miami can be an extremely valuable resource in your life or your child’s life.  These lessons will show you how to grow as a musician and as a person.  I often get the question of how much time it will take for the student to be playing at higher levels.  With lessons once a week, it is largely up to the student to determine how fast they will progress in the lessons.

During the Lesson

Your Miami music lessons in home are going great.  Your teacher is showing you what you need to work on for the week.  This is your time as a student to really ask questions and make sure you understand the material being presented to you as best as you can.  Keep your ears open.  Really listen to what the teacher has to say and make sure you understand it before they walk out the door.  It can be helpful to take notes.  This will allow you to recall information that may be difficult to remember without them.  The most important thing is understanding.

After the Lesson

This is a great time to figure out a practice schedule for yourself.  All of the information is very fresh in your mind and now you need a plan to tackle everything.  I like to keep a notebook of my practice schedule and write down what I’m going to practice on what days and at what speeds on the metronome.  This sort of structure makes practicing very easy because there is no questioning of what to practice.  Right after your lesson, write down what you are going to practice and when.

Between Lessons

This is your time to follow the practice schedule that you made for yourself.  This is when the miami music lessons in home are really paying off and where all of the progress will be made.  A consistent practice schedule is the best way to progress in your lessons quickly.  Remember, consistency is key.  It is better to practice for 15 minutes every day then to practice for 2 hours only one day.  If you wrote out a great practice schedule and stick to it, there is nothing holding you back from achieving your goals.  Every time during your practice a question comes to mind that you would love to ask your teacher, write it down.

Listen to Music

During the week is also a great time to be listening to music.  Listen just for enjoyment.  While you’re listening, maybe you hear something that you would love to learn how to play in the future.  Write it down.  Maybe you have a question about a particular style that you’ve heard.  Write that down too.  Your teacher has a wealth of information that they are passionate about sharing with you.  Take full advantage!

Before the Lesson

So you’ve been consistently practicing all week and you feel prepared for your lesson.  Take a look at any questions you may have written down for your teacher and be prepared to ask them.  This is also a great time to think about what else you may be interested in learning.  Look at the notes you wrote down about music that interests you.  Your miami in home music lessons teacher would absolutely love to help explain it to you.  Set goals for the lesson.  Make it a great one!


Your teacher will give you all of the tools that you need to succeed in your miami in home music lessons.  Every student will progress.  However, a student will most likely progress faster through organization and a consistent practice schedule throughout the week.  Make the most out of your time with your teacher by asking the right questions and staying focus.  With all of these strategies, you will be the musician you strive to be in no time!
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