Washington, DC Piano Lessons For Kids

Being able to work well with kids is a requirement for teachers at Lessons In Your Home. Most of our young students don’t start piano lessons until they’re between 5 and 7 years old but our Washington DC Piano Teachers have experience teaching children as young as age 3. Lessons are tailored by teachers to be as fun as they are informative, thus ensuring that your child will not only get better at the piano - they’ll also have a blast doing so! Making lessons fun for kids makes them more effective. Lessons In Your Home students as young as 5 have performed in various recitals and at various venues around the greater DC area, proving that age is only a number when it comes to learning music.

Getting Piano Lessons Near You

Lessons In Your Home makes it easy to find an instructor living in your area. We have piano teachers living both in and around the city of DC that are eager to help you learn how to play! Lessons In Your Home has teachers ready to start lessons right away. Looking for an even more convenient option? We also offer virtual lessons via Zoom or Skype!