Teacher Profile: Jason Libby

Jason Libby

Jason Libby

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion

City: Atlanta

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    About Jason Libby

    Jason Libby started in playing drums in 4th grade and it has been a love affair ever sense. The son of a drummer you could say it was in the blood. His experience started in elementary school orchestra with tympanis. Next to middle school band and the exciting snare drum. His parents then sent him to a private Christian school in Deltona, Florida where he met a music teacher and lifelong friend, Jim Drennen. There he learned to play the full drum set cutting his teeth with Jazz and Big Band. Then progressing to the fun of Rock. Since then he has spent most of his time playing in contemporary church settings. In the past few years he has begun volunteering doing drum clubs and drum camps. Jason has a simple philosophy when it comes to teaching; “If you can say it, you can play it.” He does believe that it is time to pass on the gift of music to others. Jason has students currently ranging from ages 4 to 60 plus. Music and rhythm is truly for everyone.

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