Teacher Profile: Cameron Eggerling

Cameron Eggerling

Cameron Eggerling

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele

City: Seattle

Education: Cornish College of the Arts; Central Washington University

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    About Cameron Eggerling

    Cameron Eggerling is a guitarist, pianist, singer/songwriter, audio producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, Washington. As a teacher, his primary focus is on the guitar, bass, and piano for which he has over a decade of teaching experience, teaching students of all ages 5 to 70 years old. He believes you are never too young or too old to start learning.

    Cameron's musical journey began at age 10, taking guitar lessons with a local teacher. Soon after realizing he had a passion for singing and piano as well. He continued taking private lessons all throughout Junior High and High School as well as many performance music classes within his school. Outside of school, he formed several rock bands and began performing almost immediately. His bands would perform in school talent shows, house parties, and local venues around the greater Seattle area. His influences soon expanded to incorporate elements of jazz, soul, punk, hip-hop, and progressive rock. Before long he was writing his own original music, learning to record and produce the music himself. Along with his own band's music, he was being requested to record albums for other local bands. His first being a hard rock band called "Solipsist" whose album he produced for his high school culminating project.

    Being surrounded by many musicians growing up, both family and friends, Cameron found many opportunities to play with and learn from musicians well beyond his years. His parents are both musicians and still play in a classic rock/oldies band to this day. These experiences were paramount in building his own confidence to perform, but also to be able to improvise on the spot with other musicians. After high school he attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle to study jazz performance on guitar. Cornish was an incredibly inspiring environment to be a part of. Amazing artists of all different disciplines roamed the halls everyday, all of whom would have their work on display, or could be heard in a practice room, or performing on stage in the evenings. If the students weren't inspiring enough, the teachers were absolutely amazing. He was able to study guitar one-on-one with Dave Peterson, an incredible jazz guitarist in Seattle. He studied music theory with Randy Halbertstad, a well-known pianist in the Seattle Jazz scene. There were so many great teachers there, but some of his most memorable were Chuck Dearedorf, James Falzone, and Jim Knapp to name a few.

    Next, he would go on to Central Washington University to complete a B.A. in Communication Studies, while also taking as many music courses as he could. It was between these two schools that he began his journey into teaching music at 20. Before long he was not only teaching guitar, but also bass, and piano. At which point he decided to pursue teaching full time. At age 25, he had the opportunity to go work for a non-profit organization called Cornerstone Developments Africa. For this he taught at two schools in two different countries; Cornerstone Leadership Academy in Rwanda, and Cornerstone Leadership Academy for Boys in Uganda. While at these schools he taught several subjects including; music, public speaking, computer skills, and resume writing among other things. This would prove to be a truly transformative and eye-opening experience as a teacher, a musician, but mostly as a person. He remains forever humbled by the people he met, stories they shared, things he saw, and lessons he learned while in Africa.

    All of these different experiences have shaped the way Cameron plays, writes, and especially how he teaches music. From performing in bands, to learning from so many talented teachers, experiencing new cultures, to teaching every kind of student you can imagine from 5 to 75 years old. All of it comes together in the way he teaches. From experience he knows that every student is their own unique and complex person. Thus, they cannot be taught in a one size fits all fashion. Lessons must be tailored specific to each individuals wants and needs.

    Overall, Cameron believes music should be fun learning experience! Thus, he strives to create a positive, easy going, and supportive atmosphere in every lesson he teaches. Getting to know each student so they feel comfortable and know that their success is his priority. Learning an instrument can be a great confidence booster for anyone, but especially children. Showing them that they can learn something challenging as long as they stick with it and put in the work. He knows firsthand what a positive impact can have on a child's life when they succeed in their goal early on. He believes that anyone has the potential to learn an instrument with the right guidance. Once a student see's how fun and approachable music can be with the right teacher, practicing becomes easy, and the rest falls into place before they know it.

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