Teacher Profile: Matthew Cordner

Matthew Cordner

Matthew Cordner

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Atlanta

Education: Oakwood University

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    About Matthew Cordner

    Matthew Cordner was born in Philadelphia, PA but raised in the combined cultures of the UK and Caribbean. His music career started at the early age of 3 joining church choir and singing tenor. In 2006, he relocated to Atlanta and began piano lessons. This relocation exposed him to many different musicians and helped him hone the skills of singing and playing.

    Matthew went on to attend Atlanta Adventist Academy where he joined the choir; Adoramus. After his high-school career ended, he was determined to stay in music. He went on to Oakwood University where he studied music and joined the esteemed choir of the world champions, the Oakwood University Aeolians, directed by Jason Max Ferdinand. Throughout his time at Oakwood University, he continued studying piano under Wayne Bucknor and began teaching piano and voice in Atlanta upon graduation.

    Matthew is a passionate musician who values the connections made with students over the technical analysis of the music. His philosophy is to make music something fun and challenging for each student based on their own personal learning style. With his unique upbringing of cultures, he creates a fun and impactful environment for students to dictate what direction they want to express themselves in with music. Through his individualized approach to teaching, Matthew has seen many musicians hone their skills and go on to achieve what it is they want from their musical experience.

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