Miami Piano Lessons For Kids

The piano is a great instrument to start your child’s introduction to the world of music. Your child will learn how to play piano with our in-home piano teachers whether they are mastering Bach and Beethoven or learning modern music from video games. Children as young as preschool are able to play keyboard instruments. The keys on the piano are the blueprint for any instrument so the piano is a great first instrument for school-aged children. At Lessons In Your Home, we like to make lessons fun, and educational, and use an array of age appropriate method books, and craft each lesson towards the individual child’s musical tastes and abilities. Mozart was only 5 years old when he gave concerts and started composing, although his little feet couldn’t even touch the ground at the time. Your child will succeed in creating music with the utmost joy and imagination, although we would recommend a footstool.

Getting Piano Lessons Near You in Miami

We have teachers throughout South Florida ready to start lessons now, from Boca Raton to Miami Beach and everywhere in between. Miami is a great place for music lessons and the home of the famed New World symphony. The careers were made for many popular musicians, including Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada and the group Fifth Harmony right here in Miami. These artists all started with piano lessons! Contact us today so we can guide your child to dream, love music. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child.