Teacher Profile: Sheila Lynch

Sheila Lynch

Sheila Lynch

Instrument(s): Brass, Flute, Little Music Makers, Piano, Strings, Voice, Woodwinds

City: Washington, DC

Education: Catholic University

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    About Sheila Lynch

    Sheila Lynch is a multi-disciplined musician and teacher who teaches 11 instruments: piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, trombone, beginner guitar and voice. Sheila has been a private music teacher for over 40 years! She’s had students ranging in age from 3 to 89.and has taught all kinds of learners. She finds the right pathways into the minds of every student to make understanding music viable for everyone .

    Sheila has worked in schools as well, like Thornton Friends School , The Langley School, and Sidwell Friends School, teaching music and art.

    Sheila is an empathic, positive, caring, source of light for her students: Her joy is both palpable and contagious . She calls herself a “teacher for life” because she teaches both life lessons as well as music and, because she still keeps in contact with students from over 30 years ago. She’s patient, expressive, unique, and walks her talk and encourages that and more in her students, as well. Students sometimes work with her the whole of their lives, from pre-school to graduating high school. She helps her students on so many levels.

    Sheila Lynch is also a multi disciplined Artsist creating in glass-fusing and mosaics, painting and drawing in every medium, sculpture, silver-smithing, jewelry making and more. She also teaches art classes at her studio in a great falls VA. Visit her artwork on Instagram @Sheila.La.Studios.

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