Should I Buy A Used Violin?

Should I Buy A Used ViolinIf your child wants to learn to play the violin, they’re going to need an instrument before having private violin lessons in Atlanta. While there are some places that do rent violins, in the long run, it’s much more affordable to purchase one. Finding a new violin is very easy, but you may want to purchase a used violin for your child to learn on. There are very few violin teachers for kids who expect students to have new violins or even high-quality violins when they’re just starting out. That said, there are some things you need to be aware of when buying a used violin.

Make Certain It’s in Good Condition

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a violin that’s not in good condition. Unfortunately, if you don’t play the violin, you may not know how to judge the condition of one. If you purchase a violin that’s not in good condition, your child may have some difficulty learning to play.
The good news is that if you purchase a violin from a store that buys and sells used instruments, it has likely been inspected by a professional and repaired. Still, you will want to ask about the violin’s history, original condition and any work done to it. Ideally, the bridge and the strings will be no more than two years old. The seams should be nicely sealed, the pegs shouldn’t get stuck or slip. And you shouldn’t see any cracks on the body.
In addition to looking for cracks and sealed seams, there are a few other areas to inspect. First, the violin should have a full set of strings. The bridge and the fingerboards should also both straight, not warped in any way.
If at all possible, find someone who knows violins to go with you and inspect the instrument before you buy it. This is especially important if you’re buying from an individual and not a store.

Has the Violin Been Regularly Played?

There is a difference between a used violin that was regularly played and on that sat in its case for years. Instruments that haven’t been used recently are likely to have more issues than those that were played regularly. If you buy a violin that hasn’t recently been used, it may need more repairs.

What Do You Get with the Used Violin?

When you buy a used violin, sometimes all you get is the instrument. Other times, you may also be buying the bow, shoulder rest, rosin, and case. Obviously, the more accessories you get with the violin, the better. If some of these items don’t come with the violin, you’ll have to buy them, so make sure you’ve budgeted accordingly.

Understand Violin Costs

It’s very important that you understand violin costs when looking at used instruments. You don’t want to pay more for a used violin than a new one unless the quality of the instrument is reflected in the price. If you know information about the used violin before you buy it, use the internet to your advantage and look at instruments by the same manufacturer. Check eBay and other sites to see what used violins are selling for. You can even talk to your child’s violin teacher and get their opinion of the price.
Buying a used violin is just like buying any used product—the more you know what to look for and how to identify quality, the better.

Need a Violin Teacher?

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Should I Buy A Used Violin

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