How Do I Find My Vocal Range?

How Do I Find My Vocal RangeThere are six common types of singing voices: alto, baritone, bass, mezzo-soprano, soprano, and tenor. If your child has never had singing lessons for kids before, they may not know what type of voice they have. Even if they do, they may actually be able to hit some notes outside of their defined category. That’s because everyone has a unique range that is specific to them. However, knowing which category your child fits into will help them be able to pick songs that fit their range. It’s also necessary if they plan to audition for musical theater and other roles where vocal range is important.
If your child isn’t sure what their vocal range is, understanding how the different ranges are categorized along with taking lessons with a private voice teacher in Atlanta can help them find it.

Ranges Are Typically Divided by Gender

The six vocal ranges are usually divided into male voice types and female voice types. Men generally fall in the baritone, bass, and tenor ranges, while women fall into the alto, soprano, and mezzo-soprano ranges.

The Six Types of Vocal Ranges Defined

Now, let’s look at how the vocal ranges are defined. The ranges begin at the lowest note that voice type can typically sing and end at the highest note they can sing. Again, many people can hit high notes in several ranges. However, they’re often more comfortable singing in one specific range. Trying to sing in a higher or lower range can hurt and may even do permanent damage to the singer’s voice over time.


A bass singer has the lowest range. They are most comfortable singing between the notes of E2 to E4, which are primarily located to the left of Middle C or C4 on a keyboard. Some bases can hit notes as high as G4 or as low as C2 without problem. Chuck Berry is a bass.


The next range is the baritone. Often, baritones straddle the bass and tenor ranges, hitting some notes in both. Generally, a baritone sings from A2 to A4, though some can reach up to C5 and down to F2. Most men are baritones. Sam Cooke falls into the baritone range.


Men who can comfortably sing higher notes are usually classified as tenors. They can sing notes primarily in the middle of the keyboard from C3 up to C5. Some can even sing up into the female register. Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti is one example of a tenor.


Alto is the lowest vocal range for women. Typically, these singers are comfortable with notes between F3 and F5. Their voices are usually fuller and richer than mezzo-sopranos. Cher is a good example of an alto.


A mezzo-soprano is the middle range for women. Like the baritone, it overlaps the lowest range (alto) and highest (soprano). Mezzo-sopranos usually range between A3 and A5. Beyonce and Adele are both classified as Mezzo-Sopranos


The highest range is the soprano. These singers are comfortable with notes between C4 and C6. Kristen Chenoweth and Kelly Clarkson can comfortably sing soprano parts.

Finding Your Child’s Vocal Range

Your child’s voice teacher will help them find their range. It’s important to remember that there are no bad vocal ranges. Sopranos are often applauded for being able to hit high notes, but there are many songs out there for all vocal ranges. Encourage your child to stick with their vocal training even if they find that they’re not in the range they really want to be in.

Need a Voice Teacher?

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How Do I Find My Vocal Range

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