A Soprano Voice, It’s Role In Chorus

This Article will examine the roll of a soprano in a choral group, or even how a soprano affects a small group or duo.

Sopranos Carry the Melody

Soprano voice
Your role in Choir

Probably the most important job of the soprano section in a choral group is to carry the melody. When a person is listening to a song, the dominant part they hear and naturally gravitate towards singing along with is called the melody of the song. It, many times, is the part that really catches you and gets stuck in your head.  This part is most often sung by a soprano voicing, mainly because sopranos are the highest voicing, and that naturally lends to volume and dominance.

A Soprano Voice Sets the Tone

The tone of the soprano is very important. Beyond that, the tone of the lead soprano is of utmost importance. Since the soprano is generally carrying the melody, as stated above, this means their tone is going to be the strongest is deciding how the choral group will sound as a whole. This is one of the many reasons choral teachers love for their choir members to have individual voice lessons. Each individual voice will contribute to the tone of the group as a whole. The better it’s trained, the better it sounds!

Sopranos: Vibrato vs. No Vibrato

There is a debate about the use of vibrato in a choral setting. Vibrato, like it’s name, it the vibration of the voice-to put it very simply. Every singer on the planet has their own vibrato speed, tone, etc. If the vibrato of the sopranos is too strong, it makes it difficult for the group to blend. Blending in a choral setting is VITAL to the sound the group will have. One voice should not be “sticking out” so to speak. There should be a cohesive sound for the whole group. Straightening out your vibrato can play a big part in the blend-ability of voices. Controlling the vibrato to let it spin at the right time is also very effective in producing a desired sound.

Sopranos Also Harmonize

While sopranos most often carry the melody, they do have times of harmony. The soprano section is generally divided into two parts itself, first and second soprano. When the division happens, one group is obviously going to be harmonizing because only one note is the melody. Sopranos have to work on the harmony “ear” to keep the versatility you find needed in some songs. Second sopranos should really be pros at it because the majority of their parts are harmony.

Sopranos Important Roll

The importance of the soprano in a choral, or even very small group, can’t be overstated. The group will gravitate towards the sound of the soprano. Having the individual voice well trained is vital to the group. Also, have the individual understand where they fit in the whole and learning to train the voice to be as blended as possible while still maintaining enough character in the voice to give the group a recognizable sound is so important.
Sounds like a big job, but if anyone is up the for the task, it is your well-trained and ever present soprano!

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