Are Private Lessons Actually Worth It?

shutterstock_1673248003If you’ve been searching for private piano lessons recently, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by the options available to you. Do you find a local teacher for one on one lessons? Do you need to find a piano instructor who can teach virtually? Or do you scrap the teachers altogether and go with a video course? Or even better, you think, have your child watch YouTube videos to learn piano for free? There’s no doubt in your searching that you’ve wondered if private piano lessons for kids are really worth it.

What makes private lessons worth the expense

You may have a child who is in band or orchestra at school. They enjoy learning their instrument there, but how much do they enjoy it? If your child is passionate about the instrument they play, they will want to make the most out of every class. But school can only offer so much for your child. Some people turn to private piano teachers for kids, and others will lookup free online resources. While it’s true that online resources will be the best for your finances (especially the free ones), the benefits you reap with a private tutor are far greater. Here are at least three reasons why.

1. A tailored experience

Paying for an online course for your child to go through can be helpful. They’re likely to learn a few new playing methods or a different facet of music theory. Even the free online resources can be useful. What these resources don’t provide, however, is a tailored experience.
Your child is unique, and so is the way they learn. Whether online or in-person, your child will receive training and learning that is just as unique as they are with a private tutor. By having a tailored learning experience created by a professional teacher, your child will make the most out of every lesson and even practice time at home.

2. Professional training

Going through a video course or watching YouTube videos have their merit, but a private tutor is someone whose job it is to teach music. They went to school to become professional musicians and to teach other aspiring musicians, ideally one on one or in a small group setting. Basically put, it’s a private tutor’s job to teach music to your child. By working with a professional, your child can play for his or her teacher and receive professional instruction. A private tutor will also provide your child with lessons in music theory, which will help them have a better grasp on learning music

3. Personal connection

Giving your child the experience of learning with a personal, professional music teacher provides them a new role model, another adult for your child to look up to (other than you). Getting one-on-one time with a professional musician will inspire your child to make the most out of every lesson, use their passion creatively, and play and practice well. It’s important to find a teacher the best suits your child.

Taking the next step

The truth is, there are hundreds of free resources your child could use to learn an instrument. But the benefits of hiring an instructor for private lessons yield greater results. Students who invest in themselves and parents who support them will reap great benefits. Even if your child doesn’t become a famous musician one day, the time, money, and effort is worth their growing self-confidence and education.
If you’re feeling inspired, your next step is to find a teacher who will encourage your child’s passion for music. You can make the search easy for yourself by hiring one of our music teachers at Lessons In Your Home. Our instructors are professional musicians and passionate teachers who are ready to teach your child music lessons. They love their jobs as both musicians and teachers and are ready to share their passion with your child. They can either come to your home to teach or can also provide online music lessons. Our virtual music lessons are taught by local music teachers who plan their lessons to suit your child. Contact us today to find an instructor near you who will help your child master their skills.

Are Private Lessons Actually Worth It

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