How To Find A Piano Teacher and Start Piano Lessons

What’s the Best Age to Start Piano LessonsStarting private piano lessons for your kids or yourself can be an unfamiliar process that leaves you thinking, “Where do I begin?”  Whether you are resuming lessons or a beginner, uncovering the best options for private piano study in your area can be an easier process than it appears.  However, you will want to ensure that the program you choose is the best fit for the student and that you find a piano teacher who will be a good match.

Considering Schedule Options

First, it is good to know that the way most piano lessons are set up and scheduled is on a weekly basis.  Session lengths may differ from teacher to teacher depending on the student’s age or amount of time they have to invest in weekly lessons, but generally, there is a set meeting time each week.

Consider your schedule options first to see what days and times look best to you.  If your schedule is very full or commute times will be an issue, you may want to consider looking for a piano teacher who will come to your home.  Or, if you prefer to travel to a studio for weekly lessons, you can direct your search to a music school or private teacher who has students come to them.  Thinking about availability is a great place to begin, because it will help narrow down what options will work best for you and your household.

Assess The Student’s Goals

Is the student interested in classical piano study, or a popular style, such as pop or jazz?  Has the student taken lessons before?  If so, at what level would they be considered?  Finding a teacher match for the student can also be guided by asking these questions.  If you are looking for an overall exposure to piano music as a fun, extra-curricular activity, or if the pursuit is a more serious and regimented one, establishing the student’s individual goals is important.
Piano teachers, and musicians in general, usually specialize in different styles, though most teach more than one.  Thinking about what you would like to see gained from piano study can help you clearly express how you would like to see the lessons go and make sure that the potential teacher can deliver this expectation.

Find A Piano Teacher

Sometimes this is easier said than done, because of the number of resources available to sift through.  The strongest suggestion you can receive in your search to find a piano teacher is a referral from a source you trust.  If someone you know is enrolled in piano lessons, or has their children enrolled, ask if they are enjoying the lessons and working with their teacher.  If so, they can share contact information with you for the teacher or for the company with which they work.
Another great place to look is at a piano or music store.  Many teachers leave business cards and brochures at music store locations, but asking someone who works at the store for a referral is usually a much more dependable route.  This shows that the teacher is connected to the store, and that the referral is a genuine one from a good source.
General online searches are not a bad place to look either.  With one simple search of your location and queries such as “find a piano teacher” or “in home piano lessons”, you can be presented with several resources and contact information.  It’s great to call or send an e-mail to a few places to compare the service offerings and prices.

Getting An Instrument

After a piano teacher is selected, the next item on the agenda may be to find an instrument.  If you do not currently have a piano or digital keyboard in your home, the teacher or lessons organization with which you work may have some suggestions on what type of instrument to purchase and the best options to fit your budget and goals.  Not to worry, though—there are many affordable acoustic and digital piano options available that work perfectly for piano lessons.

In Summary

The process of starting piano lessons can be slightly perplexing, especially if you are not sure what steps to take.  Remember that the most important point in beginning lessons is to make sure you find a piano teacher who is a great fit with the student.  By considering scheduling, goals, and referrals, you can help ensure that piano study is a rewarding experience.
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