Where to Buy a Piano in the Greater Seattle Area

where to buy a piano in seattleIf you’re interested in buying a piano in the greater Seattle area, you are in luck. Because it is a large and cultured city, Seattle has many vendors to choose from. However, purchasing a piano can be overwhelming and time consuming. Here are some top choices researched for you to make your shopping easier.
Buying a piano can be a big investment to start your child’s private piano lessons in Seattle. If you’re not sure if your child will stick with the study of music for a long time or if your child may be ready soon to move up a level to a better instrument, you may want to rent a piano for online music lessons. This eliminates the risk for novice students and allows advanced musicians to test different pianos for timbre, action, etc.

Steinway Piano Galleries of Seattle

Steinway has been a name associated with high quality pianos for generations. They offer a huge range of instruments for players and music teachers of all levels, including rentals. They also design Boston and Essex pianos. You can download their helpful buying guide on their website for making your piano purchase and test out models at their showroom on 3rd Avenue. They sometimes have inventory reductions that allow you to get a price break on instruments that might normally be out of your price range.

Northwest Pianos

Northwest Pianos sells restored and preowned Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai pianos. They are also an authorized dealer for Sauter, Petrof and Hailun pianos. If you’re looking for a pre-owned Steinway, this may be a good option for you, as they carry the largest inventory in the Pacific Northwest. The offer starter pianos under $1,500 and a full range of uprights and grand pianos. You can try out pianos at their store in Bellevue.

A-1 Piano

Customers rave about the rental program at A-1 Piano on Greenwood Avenue N in Phinney Ridge. All of the instruments in their store can be rented, from spinets to grand pianos, and they offer month-to-month plans with no set time requirement. You can also apply a portion of your piano rental towards the purchase price if you decide to buy it. They are a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1958 and are also experts at moving pianos.

Classic Pianos

Another popular choice with local customers is Classic Pianos in Bellevue. The offer new and restored pianos, as well as rentals, tuning, restoration and moving services. They carry a large variety of names, including Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin, Vogel and Estonia. Every piano they sell has a Five-Star Lifetime Trade-Up Policy, because they understand that piano needs can change with the player’s ability. This might be a good choice for a family with committed musicians who may even want to consider conservatory study or a career in music

Prosser Piano and Organ

At their showrooms in Seattle and Tacoma, Prosser Piano and Organ sells both new and used acoustic pianos. The also provide piano rentals, tuning and repair. They are authorized dealers for new Kawai, Roland and Lowrey instruments. They carry quite a large inventory, so musicians of all levels should be able to find what they’re looking for there.

Piano Tom

If you like the sound and look of vintage pianos, you may want to check out the inventory at Piano Tom, who carries the largest selection of used pianos in Seattle. They have all been beautifully restored by Piano Tom, and he has rental pianos available too. You can make an appointment to visit Tom Johnston’s showroom to try them out for yourself.

Langlois Pianos

For a unique, old world piano buying experience, you may appreciate Langlois Pianos. Established in 1865 and still family-owned in Bremerton, Langlois Pianos services and restores pianos, as well as custom crafts new pianos of ebony, mahogany, rosewood and walnut. They also help customers locate antique pianos. They have a huge selection of Kawai and Yamaha “A” quality pianos and pride themselves on their history of providing extraordinary personalized service at all price ranges. They also offer a trade-up policy for advancing musicians.

Great Mommy / Daughter Time
Having a good piano can make the difference between your child looking forward eagerly to practice and not wanting to sit on the bench at all. If you have questions about what to look for in a piano, whether it’s your first student spinet or an exciting foray into a grand to last a lifetime, consult your piano showroom and your child’s instructor. They can help you find the perfect instrument and keep it tuned for lasting quality and enjoyment.
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