Considering Guitar Lessons?

Guitar Lessons Are A Lifelong Gift

I’m Considering Guitar Lessons For My Child

shutterstock_2295906021You want the best for your children. If they are between the ages of 5 and 12, there are few gifts better than music. Perhaps the easiest and best gift is someone teaching them how to play the guitar. Why music? Why guitar instead of another instrument? Why lessons instead of another method? How do I find a teacher? These are all important questions and we will help you answer them.

The Joy of Music

Music is one of the most basic and greatest expressions of the human mind and spirit. We are naturally drawn to music. Singing and making sounds begins when we are infants. To learn, practice, and develop our natural play in music is a great adventure that can last a lifetime. If started early, skills can develop more quickly and grow exponentially over time. It teaches discipline, concentration, commitment, and perseverance. Music is also very social. It is something that is shared and enables the joy of creative expression with others.

Why the Guitar?

The guitar is a great instrument to start your child’s adventure in music. Guitars can come in sizes to fit your growing child’s needs. A guitar is easy to take almost anywhere. It’s also relatively easy to start playing quickly. If they learn how to make a few chords and to strum in rhythm, before long they are making music and songs, and experiencing the joy and confidence of accomplishment. Once they’re playing songs, others can sing along. Also, the guitar comes in many fascinating shapes and designs, and the differences between acoustic and electric guitars all make for endless exploration of sound, look, and feel.

Why Take Lessons?

There are many ways to approach any long term study. The best is to explore in a variety of ways. Especially for youngsters, that study is best guided by an adult who has dedicated time and effort to learn the skills required to play their instrument. They know the path well. And the discipline, routine, and consistency of regular lessons will establish those habits in your child’s life. Most guitar teachers have many students, and usually create opportunities to play with fellow students. Many have regular recitals that are challenging, but done in ways that encourage taking risks. Most people who take lessons remember their teacher, and the great things that come with lessons, for the rest of their life.

How To Find Lessons

You could call your local music store and making an appointment. But there are options. Do you want to have lessons in your home? This is very convenient for you. There are many online resources that help you find a guitar teacher who will come to your home. But is he/she the right teacher for you child? A phone call interview and the first few lessons will tell you the teacher’s way of working, goals, temperament, enthusiasm, etc. Do they match those for your child and you? Another great way is to get a referral from someone who knows your child and has worked with the teacher before. Having friends take music lessons with the same private teacher is really great.

A Gift For Your Child Like No Other

Music is one of the oldest and most significant creations of human expression. Giving an opportunity to explore how to play the guitar with a teacher and through regular, consistent lessons can be the most joyful, exciting, positive life changing gifts you will ever give your child.

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    1. Hi Henry, I’ll send you an email with our prices. We teach 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons. For Adult students we recommend 45 or 60 minute lessons. I think 45’s are great and just the right amount of time for an adult beginning guitar lesson student. You can call us directly at 305-431-9500.

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