Why Learning Guitar at the Same Time as Your Kids Is a Great Idea

Why Learning Guitar at the Same Time as Your Kids Is a Great IdeaAs the weather gets cooler, and we’re all planning on spending a little more time indoors, it’s a great season to look into guitar lessons in Atlanta. Lessons in Your Home offers virtual lessons at every skill level, at just about any age. This makes it a perfect avenue for creative families looking to bond over an indoor activity. Guitar lessons in Atlanta don’t have to just be just for adults or kids; they can actually be a great way for families to collectively learn an instrument together. So, if you’re toying with the idea of how to bring your family together around a fun new hobby, here are five reasons why learning guitar at the same time as your kids is a great idea.

1. It’s Great Bonding Time

Work culture has certainly changed over the last two years, with more people working from home than ever before. But, just because you might be taking all your calls from your newly sanctioned home office (that suspiciously resembles your former walk-in closet) doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spending more quality time with your family. So it’s natural that you’d be looking for ways to set apart time for family bonding at home. Guitar teachers in Atlanta offer flexible options for families looking to try something new together. There will certainly be challenges as different ages and skill levels learn together, but spending time with your children leads to stronger family ties, giving your kids a better chance at success later on in life.

2. Learning Something New Builds Character

People who have already mastered the guitar make it look easy! And it can feel great once you’ve mastered a chord or two, unlocking a handful of songs to master as well. But the guitar, like any instrument, takes tons of practice to truly master. If you and your kids want to really excel at guitar and turn your guitar lessons in Atlanta into lifelong enjoyment of playing an instrument, you will all need to put in the work. This means that your family will have to work on good habits in learning the guitar like practicing the guitar at home, which means you might be giving up some downtime, while your kids might be giving up time at a friend’s house or time playing video games.

3. Family Keeps You Accountable

It can be hard to put the work in when you’re still on a learning curve, and mastering techniques feels challenging. Any time you attempt to learn something new, whether it’s guitar, or baking, or dancing, there comes a point where you’ll want to forfeit the practice and go do something you feel comfortable doing instead. But the key to success is to stick with it, and learning in a group environment makes that much easier. While learning something new alongside your family might bring out each individual’s peeves and quirks, it’s also true that it can bring out everyone’s supportive and accountable nature as well.

4. You’ll Have Lots of Resources

Because everyone in your family will be at different skill levels and progress at different rates, you should take full advantage of all the free and paid resources available to you through Lessons in Your Home and through apps and videos online. Your Lessons in Your Home instructor can recommend additional resources tailored to each family member’s skill level that will be helpful to reinforce the curriculum or techniques they need to practice. You’ll also be able to share these resources among your family members, which will hopefully lead everyone to the best practices and resources out there.

5. Family Lessons Can be Cheaper

This may not appeal to your kids, but parents will certainly appreciate that family lessons mean you can cut a few corners when it comes to buying equipment. You don’t need to buy an instrument for every member of the family. While it would be ideal to have an instrument that fits every person, the upside is worth it to share. Your family can all share during guitar lessons, and each family member can have an individual practice time, so you should only need one or two guitars, depending on how many people you have taking lessons.
If you and your family are interested in guitar lessons, contact us today! Our teachers come right to your home for every lesson, plus we offer virtual music lessons, too. Our online music lessons are taught by local music teachers with live lessons tailored to your family!

Why Learning Guitar at the Same Time as Your Kids Is a Great Idea

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